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White Lace Clouds

White Lace Clouds

I cannot thank you enough for the amazing response I’ve been getting from the survey! I am loving reading each of the over 1000 responses I received from yesterday alone. If you haven’t taken my survey yet, please click here. The survey does not work directly from RSS feeds, but I’d love to hear from my VIP readers. There will be more exciting news coming soon at a Ruffled near you.

Anyway, what about some dainty teeny flowers, and lots of them? Baby’s breath is growing on me, and now you will know why. The fluffly lacey look is so dreamy. They can be purchased for mere pennies a bunch, which is extra points in my book.

White Lace Clouds Baby's Breath Wedding Decor Ideas
The vintage patterned fabric and hanging votives, along with a huge cake table with roses matching the backdrop is so pretty to look at. The sea of baby’s breath is whimsical.
White Lace Clouds Baby's Breath Wedding Decor Ideas
White Lace Clouds Baby's Breath Wedding Decor Ideas
A little close up on the cake table that seems to be floating on baby’s breath…
White Lace Clouds Baby's Breath Wedding Decor Ideas
White Lace Clouds Baby's Breath Wedding Decor Ideas
White Lace Baby's Breath Ceremony Aisle Wedding Decor Ideas
More baby’s breath on cake table, this time white on white.
Baby's Breath Cake Table Wedding Decor Ideas
White Lace Clouds Baby's Breath Wedding Centerpieces

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First and third rows: photos by Stephanie Williams / Second and fourth rows: cake table photos by Daniela Picoral / Fifth row: left, Gia Cannali; right, Real Simple / Sixth row: Leigh Miller / Seventh row: Gia Cannali / Last row: left, Justin & Marie Marantz; right, Chrissy Lambert

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  • Wow, I’ve had a STRONG dislike for baby’s breath ever since my wedding bouquet was ruined by it (I wanted simple elegant long stem roses, this was almost 12 years ago, and my florist threw in a barrage of baby’s breath and fern).

    But THIS post is making me re-think my stance! I LOVE how it’s used here (especially the tall centerpieces with just baby’s breath and the twigs!)

    LOVE IT!!

  • YAY! I had a revelation about using baby’s breath for my December wedding last week and, ever since, have been seeing photos of beautiful centerpieces and bouquets! thank you for the extra nudge in this direction!

  • my wedding bouquet was baby’s breath (almost 3 yrs ago!).
    it’s my favorite and it dries so beautifully as well.
    i always have a bouquet of it in my apartment.
    my husband knows better than to ever bring home roses because baby’s breath is much better for me.

  • Who would of thought baby’s breath alone could be sooo beautiful! Very creative decor! Love the use of baby’s breath throughout the decor!

  • I was never a fan. Especially of baby’s breath in the updo’s. But this…I could get behind. I felt the same way about carnations, but in bunches I can’t get enough!

  • @Nikki – I agree on the carnations, too, especially bunches and bunches of white ones! I think it’s the victorian vibe both flowers give off!

  • Gorgeous gorgeous pictures! I’ll be using lots of baby’s breath at my wedding too. I am hyperallegic to pollen and baby’s breath is perfect for me!

  • We are going to use baby’s breath arrangements in vintage candle sticks for my Charleston Wedding next month!!! It really saved money and is going to look awesome!!!!

  • Baby’s Breath has such a romantic when by itself. I have at least two brides using it as a stand alone piece this spring. oh-so-nice for the budget. 🙂

  • I am having huge baby’s breath centerpieces but am being charged an arm and a leg! I love the look—but was shocked at the price. Am I getting ripped off?

  • Love it! I’ll be using baby’s breath as the main floral decor for an upcoming wedding. I really appreciate the look and softness of it. I will post pictures on my website in mid-May, 2010 – after the wedding. Great look on a budget, and depending on the vases you’ll use, it can definitely look very elegant. It’s truly the “simple yet elegant” option.

  • Flowers do it for me, and the effect created by the use of baby’s breath is absolutely breathtaking (pardon the pun, LOL) It really creates a magical and fairytale like atmosphere, and I am bookmarking this article as one of my favorites. Fresh ideas are so invigorating, and I’d love to use baby’s breath for an appropriate occasion in the future.

  • I have to say i was struggleing for centrepeices for my october wedding i wanted ostrich feathers because they make a wow statement but were just way to expensive so have been looking for something for a while now came across this post and i am amazed at how fantastic these look im loving them in taller vases they do look like really fluffy clouds there very simple but elegant that i have now decided that these are the centre pieces i want thanks

  • We are thinking of using babys breath for centerpieces for my daughters wedding. There are three different types, does anyone know which is the best to use?

  • My son is getting married this sept. and I am interested in a web site for the best value for Baby’s Breath flowers. We are thinking about using them primarily for the entire Wedding. I love all the ideas and His fiance absolutely adores Baby’s breath.Thanks for your help…….Mother of the Groom:)

  • Where on earth did you find the clear tapered vases?? I’ve fallen in love with them but can’t find them anywhere!

  • I as well have never liked babby breath it was actually on my NO WAY list… i wanted to find something that would look a little dramatic and big with out being expensive and the baby breath down the aisle i loved!! thank you!

  • Where do you purchase these for so cheap? I love the look, but its so difficult to tell how many stems you need for each vase and the prices I’m seeing are not all that cheap…If anyone has a website they used, please let me know!

  • Where can I get the vases in the picture in the last row to the right by Chrissy Lambert

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