How fun are these decoder save-the-dates? I’m a nerd myself so you can imagine my excitement over this idea! They come with red glasses that reveal the message. I can’t hardly wait for their wedding, it’s going to be off the hook if you haven’t noticed yet. Shot by the darlings Kelly and Ryan from Kellan Studios.

From the bride,
“I did all the printing of the cards, envelopes, and stickers myself on a home inkjet and on a large-format printer, and we bought the decoder glasses online for about 20 cents a piece.” She said can custom design them if there’s anyone interested! Just leave a note below and I will give her email address.

Secret reveal decoder 3d red glass save the dates
Secret reveal decoder 3d red glass save the dates
Secret reveal decoder 3d red glass save the dates

  • How can this ever be topped?! Amazing find.

  • no way. that is the COOLEST save-the-date card i’ve ever seen. ever.

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    i would love her contact info. how cool!

  • The bride’s contact info is:

    She will be thrilled to make something for you!

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      I messages her, but haven’t received a response. Is she still doing these?

  • Lollipop Events & Designs


  • I agree! This will be hard to top!! GREAT FIND!!

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    OMG I love this so much! I’m going to contact her!!!!

  • Wonderful!! That is so creative, simple, fun — I just love it! I’m posting my Save-the-Date photoshop tutorial today and I will have to mention this post! With all the stress we go through, any extra help (especially already made!) is priceless.

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    Is that not the CUTEST thing!! Oh my goodness. Originality and creativity ROCK!!!!

  • That is s stinkin clever!

  • Wow! Wonderful idea!

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    I would love her contact information. These are really cool save the dates!


  • Sooo unique! Great idea!

  • Perfect for an event I have coming up. Please forward my contact info. Thanks ever so much.

  • Brilliant! Fantastic idea!

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    I would be so greatful if you could send me or pass my information on for a save the date card I need for my 30th birthday. This is TOTALLY 80’s!!! Thanks for posting!!!

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    Contact please! My wedding is in 2011 and I think we need these…

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    I would love to have the brides contact info for ordering purposes…TOO CUTE!

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  • Lindsey,

    Ming’s email address is:

  • So so so much fun!!!

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    I would love her contact information. This is an awesome idea!

  • This woman is brilliant. I would have LOVED to have had this last year for my cinema-themed wedding…

  • this is really fun!!

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  • I love this idea! can I have the contact info, I would love to do this for my wedding:0

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    I want the custom do it yourself save the date. can you give me the information?

  • When I seen this I got so excited! I would love the information

  • Sara and Chris


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    Can I ask what kind of large format printer you use? These are gorgeous (as is a lot of your other stuff) and I’ve been looking for a better printing solution than Staples and Kinko’s!


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    I love these save the dates. Can you give the person that made them my e-mail address or give me hers?

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    Love these! Could I have the contact info please?!

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    Love love love this! Can I have the contact information? I would like to do something like this for my hubby’s bday.

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    I would love to get in touch with her so that I can make some for a baby shower invitation. I think it’s super cute and creative!

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    These would be perfect for our wedding save the date cards. Please forward my contact info. Thanks ever so much.

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    I’m interested in making these for my sons 5th birthday. Can you send me her contact information if she is still offering this service?
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    I figured out and made this to announce my eloping to family and friends! I even have some made in Polish for my family. It’s not very hard to do, it just takes time. :)
    My monocle decoderss are on their way. I can’t wait to send these out!!!!

    If you have questions on how to make these, feel free to email me

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    I would love to find out how to do this myself or setup to have these done for our wedding. Thank you,.

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    Where can I get these ordered! I won’t get married for another year but I definitely want these save the dates!!!

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    FANTASTIC the save the date card ! How can I get all the specifics ?

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    Amazing idea
    i am interested in getting this done for my birthday invitations
    Are you able to customise them for me??
    please send me the information

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    Abosultely! If i can make these at home, awesome, although not sure about getting the glasses too. Any templates and info, would be much appreciated! Thanks

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    Really, just BRILLIANT!
    Love to have these for an upcoming event. Is the designer available?
    Again, kudos on such a truly unique, fun and witty save-the-date

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    These are awesome. Just sent her an email hope she still designing them.FINGERS CROSSED!

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    Here’s the DIY how to from Martha Stewart 226967/encrypted-save-date-how

    Enjoy ladies!!

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    thank you

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  • Do you still check this site?? I’m in desperate need of figuring out how to do this for a party on the 31st. I’ve been trying for months on how to do this and am just stuck! Please help!

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    I”m helping my cousin in preparation for her daughter’s 18th birthday. This is what I have on mind for the save the date part. If you could give me all the necessary things to buy and how-to-do them, is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. God Bless.

  • Hi how are you?

    i want to know the price for 300 invitations (for my wedding!). I will send you the design myself. Please tell me the size and if you ship to Cyprus!

    Thank you very much

    p.s Please reply ASAP!

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  • Hi there! you have an interesting and unique save-the-date wedding card there..i’m getting married next year and I’m fond with this idea of yours..may I know how much will it be if I want to make 300 copies of it including the way, I’m from Singapore..

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    was a bit pricy in my opinion , right at 50 for 30 sets of invitations/envelopes/glasses , but they will design the invitation custom for you!

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