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Vintage Colorado Mountain Wedding

Vintage Colorado Mountain Wedding

Ruffled’s three year birthday week couldn’t end any better than with a gorgeous intimate wedding in Colorado shot by none other than Sean Flanigan. Christina perused Ruffled during her engagement and is here today to share her wedding with us. Congrats Christina + Nathan! Be sure to check ALL images in the gallery – and sit back with your latte, because there are plenty images to gush over.

Manitou vintage western wedding
Manitou vintage western wedding

We wanted something simple, intimate, calm, beautiful, natural, vintage, & a setting representative of the mountain town we live in. It was important that the wedding fit both our styles. I wanted a setting that Nate felt comfortable in, rather than something pink & overtly feminine.

birdcage veil fingerwave wedding hair
Manitou vintage western wedding
Manitou vintage western wedding
We had an extremely hard time finding a venue for our small party as any conventional wedding site charged the same fee whether we had 20 or 200 guests. We also looked at a number of parks, retail shops, VRBO’s, and even considered decorating our garage at our most desperate moment! Then a friend heard about our dilemma and offered that we could get married where she lived (Crystal Park in Manitou Springs, Colorado, a gated community on a mountain). We went to see the location and were completely blown away by the view. We were immediately smitten and knew it was the right spot for us. We were the first people to get married there, which just made it all the more special!
Manitou vintage western wedding
Manitou vintage western wedding
Manitou vintage western wedding

lace detail wedding dress vintage glam

Manitou vintage western wedding
Manitou vintage western wedding

We made our own plates using Make-A-Plate children’s kit, & kept them for our dinnerware. I painted the simple wooden cake toppers to look like Nate & I. We searched at thrift stores & antique shops to find unique favors for each guest. Each female received a vintage handkerchief & brooch. The men received things like a pocket knive, geodes, old postcards & even an accordion. Our decorations were either found at thrift stores or were things already used as decor in our apartments.

Manitou vintage western wedding
flowy wedding dress outdoor ceremony
Manitou vintage western wedding

Manitou vintage western wedding

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Any advice for brides planning their weddings now? A number of married women have told me that they had wanted a small intimate wedding themselves, but due to expectations they went the opposite route. Weddings can be done traditionally or non-traditionally. What’s important is that the feel of your big day fits you and your fiance.

Wedding Songs:
Processional: “The Cascades” by the Fleet Foxes

Sean Flanigan. Christina perused Ruffled during her engagement and is here today to share her wedding with us. Congrats Christina + Nathan! Be sure to check View all images in the gallery

Wedding Vendors (Manitou, Colorado):

Ceremony and reception venue: Crystal Park in Manitou Springs / Photographer: Sean Flanigan / Second shooter: Sergio Mottola / Wedding Dress: Tadashi Shoji / Veil: DIY by the bride / Wedding Shoes: Macy’s / Jewelry: two jade bracelets (one from bride’s grandmother one that the bride bought when she lived in Hong Kong) / Groom’s suit: Nate wore a light grey dress shirt (The Gap), gray pants (Kohl’s), Tom’s shoes, vintage bow tie, my grandfather’s suspenders / DJ: We had a record player & some of our favorite records. The guests could choose a record and change it as they wished / Caterer: Front Range Barbeque / Wedding Dessert: Peach Cobbler & Berry Cobbler with vanilla ice cream from Front Range Barbeque) and homedade almond poppyseed cake for the cake cutting.

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  • Well I already drooled over this wedding on Sean’s blog, but I’ll do it again here. Perfect and amazing! Love the dress — so unexpected for a mountain wedding … glamorous and yet fits with the whole concept. Great style.

  • As a wedding officiant, I appreciate my name being added to the vendor’s list. I just don’t understand why people leave us out.

    • Were you the officiant for this wedding? We will be happy to add you, just let us know! We only add information that is sent to us, otherwise that is no way for us to know 🙂

  • What a beautiful day! Christina, I love love love your dress, it’s so sweet. And how special that you made the reception plates and kept them as tableware…now every meal will feel as special! Xo, Katie

  • Nathan’s best friend, Donovan, married us (although he’s not technically an officiant). It was so special to have a close friend give the sermon, and he did an awesome job! I’d also like to recognize, Gabrielle Lutze, my sister-in-law, who did my hair and makeup for me. 🙂

  • This was the sweetest, most earnest wedding I’ve ever photographed. Honored to have been invited to witness.

    I owe the success of the photos to Chris and Nate. They really set me up for success. I’m super happy you wanted to share this on the blog, Amanda.

    All the best,


  • I am absolutely in love with this compilation of photographs. Especially the back of that wedding dress. Wish we could see the engagement ring, I bet it’s just as breathtaking!

    I’m slowly getting hooked on this blog,

  • So beautiful and so beautifully unexpected! Wonderful! I am so, so looking forward to relocating to Colorado next year and starting over with my new life! At least, that’s the plan right now, if I can ever get my business off the ground there! I can’t seem to figure out how to do it!

    I just love this idea and HOLY COW if that’s what the views from track housing looks like in CO… I’m even more “IN” than I was!!!

  • This is one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen on a blog I think. I love the fact that it’s so intimate, as you don’t normally see them! (We only had 10 guests at ours :-))

    I love the vintage inspired details, especially the butterfly plates- gorgeous.

  • Wow! This is such a beautiful wedding with so many lovely touches. I’ve loved looking at the pictures, thanks for sharing them.

  • Aside from all of the obvious loveliness … the back of her dress is to die for !!

  • In hopes that Christina sees this comment; Where did you find your dress/who is the designer? It’s exactly what I’ve been imagining since I was a little girl, and actually teared up when I saw the photos. Of course I wouldn’t want to copy, but I would love (and appreciate!) it if you could set me on the right path to finding a similar style dress. 🙂

  • Hi Janna,

    The dress is by Tadashi Shoji. I ordered mine from Nordstrom’s. I might be open to selling my dress if you’re interested. I wear a size 2.

  • Christina, I had just ordered this dress in a size 6. Came out I should be wearing a size 2 in this gown, I’ll found out tomorrow if there are any size 2 left in the company! If all does not go as plan, I’m wondering if you’re still interested in selling.


  • Christina,
    In the first photo you are wearing a shorter white dress. It is absolutely beautiful! Could you tell me who the designer is and where you got it? I have been unsuccessfully searching for a short white dress with sleeves…which seems to be almost impossible. Any info would be greatly appreciated : )

  • Ashley: Any luck finding the dress? Yes, Tadashi’s sizes run very large. At the time, I bought the last size 2 that Nordstrom’s had nationwide. Their size 2 was too large for me, so I did have to have it altered to be smaller. I go back and forth on whether or not I want to sell the dress. Let me know if you’re still looking. 🙂

    Noelle: Thanks! I wanted something I could run around and set up in. That outfit came as a 2 piece set for only $20! I got it at an antique store that has vintage clothing in Colorado Springs. Maybe try a vintage boutique or even thrift store? One of those things you just chance upon.

  • Christina,

    They actually got the Nordstrom buyer get it for me! It comes in early December. Thanks though, I’m very excited! 🙂

  • Christina,
    Any chance you’re still interested in selling your dress. I put the size 2 in my cart at Nordstrom and when I went to check out it was gone. I am heartbroken! If you’re interested, let me know…and let me know what the final measurements were. Thank you.

  • Christina,

    Not sure if you sold your dress but I am very interested. I am a size 0 and I don’t think they can alter a size 8 to fit me. I’ve been looking for months with no luck but this dress stopped me in my tracks! Thanks and congratulations!!!


  • Ruffled and Christina- what a beautiful wedding! It’s very unique and personal and cohesive. And a HUGE thank you for helping me find my wedding gown!! I ordered the smallest size nordstrom had left which was still too big, so it does have to be altered but I am over-the-moon happy with it.

  • Hi there. Your wedding was gorgeous. I love the wood placemats. Can you tell me where you buy them. Thanks so much.

  • Love the dress – Anyone on here willing to sell theirs to a traditional dress size 6 or 8? Beautiful wedding!

  • I wore this dress for my wedding and would now like to sell it. Mine’s a size 0. Email me at nrichar5 (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested!

    • Hi Natasha,
      I’m wondering if you happen to still be selling your dress??? If so, I’m interested.

      Thank you!

  • If anyone still has one of these dresses they are willing to sell, please let me know. I am a 4/6 normally. THANKS!!

  • I love the evergreen leaf name tags for the guests seat holders. Does anyone know how these were made? Are they real evergreen leaves picked from a tree or bought in a store? Or are they fake? I am having a winter wedding and love the use of greenery to add a pop of color to the table.

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