8 Vintage Engagement Rings That’ll Spark Serious Joy

twin pear engagement ring

We’re enamored to say the least by antique and vintage engagement rings – Edwardian, Victorian, Art Deco, Retro… You name it, we’ve fawned over it. So when EraGem came into our lives, we were pretty stoked to see all these innovative eras represented and more! But what do all these styles actually mean? How do you know which era you’re attracted to the most? We figured we’d help you out a bit – at the very least to flood your vision with vintage engagement rings galore because hey, you may be addicted to every style like we are!

twin pear engagement ring
Antique Pear Cut Twin Diamond Ring Navette 3.7CTW

4 carat Victorian engagement ring

I mean… is this 4-carat engagement ring even real life?!

vintage Art Deco engagement ring
Transitional Cut Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring with Sapphire Accents

three stone retro engagement ring
Old Euro Diamond Engagement Ring with Accents

I know you’re ready to jump right in, so here’s some historical era 101 when it comes to antique engagement rings, sprinkled with a few of our favorites from EraGem in between just because!

Victorian Engagement Rings (1837-1900):

  • Aligned with the 63 years of Queen Victoria’s reign
  • Engagement rings characterized by expressive designs (I.e. birds, hearts, flowers) vs. standardized styles of the past
  • Common for birthstones to be used instead of diamonds
  • Cluster motifs, unique halos, nods to the Renaissance

retro blue green sapphire engagement ring
4 Carat Blue Green Sapphire Engagement Ring from the 1950’s

Edwardian Engagement Rings (1901-1910):

  • Aligned with King Edward VII’s reign in Great Britain
  • Graceful designs with a sense of lightness and delicacy
  • Floral patterns in ornate platinum filigree, giving a feathery or lacey appearance (which reflected the changes in fashion at the time too!)
  • Flowy motifs like bows + scrolls popular too

antique engagement ring
Vintage Engagement Ring Crown Motif Filigree 3 Carat
Art Deco Engagement Rings (1915-1930’s):

  • Inspired by architecture, symmetry and sharp geometric patterns
  • Colored stone accents became more popular, as did having free, individualistic designs
  • A sense of boldness and unapologetic luxury in jewelry designs
  • Introduction of the brilliant cut

art deco engagement ring
Emerald Cut Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguette Diamonds
Retro Engagement Rings (1940’s):

  • Yellow and rose golds rings, with white gold on the rise in popularity
  • Largely influenced by Hollywood glamour
  • Bold designs that are larger than life
  • Flowers, animals, flowy bows were popular motifs in this era

retro engagement ring
Transitional Cut Diamond Vintage Detailed Engagement Ring
If ya can’t tell, we love to know what we’re looking at. And now you’re equipped with all this important info that’ll make your own engagement ring shopping that much more intentional too. EraGem doesn’t just stop there though. They’ve got estate jewelry from brooches + pins (which might make the perfect mother-in-law gift) to necklaces and bracelets you can also sport on the wedding day. Plus… men’s jewelry!

art deco engagement ring
1 Carat Transitional Cut Diamond Art Deco Engagement Ring Platinum

Now if you’re ready for the motherload of antique and vintage jewelry, head straight to the source here. And come back to report your favorites, please and thank you!

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