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Library Halloween Wedding Ideas

Library Halloween Wedding Ideas

If anything, Halloween is known for being the most dramatic of holidays — full of rich colors, elegant costume, and packed with imagination. When Danielle Capito Photography and Twigss Floral Studio collaborated for a Halloween shoot, they knew they wanted to develop some ideas outside the box, and we love that they approached the holiday with a Victorian aesthetic in mind!

From the florists Melissa and Addison of Twigss Floral Studio: We know that a lot of brides don’t fit into the “traditional” category and what is more unique and different than a Halloween wedding? With this shoot we wanted to show brides that it is completely okay to be non-traditional when it comes to your wedding, the most important thing about your wedding is that it reflects you as a couple! We liked the idea of switching it up when it came to Cristina’s wedding attire, we started her off in a full length lace black gown and then put her in a creamy white sequined shorter dresses for her getaway outfit.

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halloween wedding ideas

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Instead of a wedding cake we did mini treats, cheeses and fruits with rustic bread. In our shoot we wanted to bring in the elements of the dark and hard lifestyle of the 20‘s and also add a few touches of that very stuffy luxurious life style 1900s. So we decided to turn our studio into a Victorian home and stage the wedding in the man of the house’s dark library study. We imagined him to be a smart man yet slightly eccentric, interested in many things and it shows by the items he keeps. We littered the desk and shelves with creepy botanical and scientific findings, maps, and pages of books scattered on the floor.

victorian halloween ideas

halloween wedding ideas

victorian halloween ideas

victorian wedding ideas

To add a really spooky element we not only scattered book pages on the floor we swept them up the walls so it looked like there were some unnatural forces in the study. We used very interesting foliage like begonia leafs, ferns, black calla lilies and lady slippers to add a touch of creepy and dark into the bridal bouquet and through out the rest of the shoot. This time of year is a great time to have a darker styled wedding, the colors that are available in flowers are dark and there are a lot of interesting fruits and berries to incorporate and add texture.

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Shoot Location: Danville, CA / Photographer: Danielle Capito Photography / Floral Designer and Venue: Twigss Floral Studio / Heirlooms: La Dolfina / Equipment Rentals: A Peach and A Pear Vintage / Bakery: Tartlet Bakery / Paper Goods: Lauren Buzzetti

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