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10 Unique Honeymoon Destinations for Summer

10 Unique Honeymoon Destinations for Summer

Dead Sea swimming

It should come as no surprise that one of our favorite conversation topics is honeymoon destinations. We’re huge travel buffs after all! So if you’re like us, constantly seeking the unique and incomparable, you just might wanna take a peek at our round up of 12 unique summer honeymoon destinations below. From Europe and Asia to South America and Africa, there’s so much beauty in the world to explore!

Dead Sea swimming
Photo by Find Us Lost

1. The Sacred Valley, Peru: If you’re looking for some peace, tranquility, and picturesque locales, Peru just might be the right honeymoon destination for you. We were hooked immediately by these ancient salt mines of Moras and got even more excited when thinking about all the Incan ruins just a hike away. Cue Machu Pichu! There’s horse riding treks, Amazon river cruises and idyllic mountains + valleys… and all within reach of the gorgeous (albeit bustling) city of Cusco!

Peruvian salt mines
Photo by Samuel Taipale

2. Zanzibar, Tanzania: Did someone say safari? If you’d call yourself an adventurous couple and the idea of serenghetti explorations amidst wildebeests, zebras and giraffes sparks your fancy, then we’re pointing all fingers towards this exciting African escape. Resplendent with tropical beaches and lush plains, this one’s a winner.

Zanzibar safari
Photo by Samuel Taipale

3. South of France: If you’ve ever had a taste of storybook villages with chalky pastel homes and accordions serenading you in the background, then you understand why this one made the list. The South of France is just about as romantic as it gets! Crepes for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you wish, you can explore the many villages dotted throughout in short day trips. As for us, we’d make sure to reserve a couple days for sunny relaxation in the beach village of Nice.

pastel homes south of france
Photo by Julia Engel

4. Soneva Jani, Maldives: You’re probably familiar with this tropical escape by now. The Maldives boast azure colored waters, overwater bungalows, underwater restaurants, a glowing beach and the kind of isolation that makes it the ultimate honeymoon destination for romance. So if you prefer playing it by ear to a jam-packed itinerary, we promise the Maldives will not disappoint. See our own visit here!

overwater bungalow Maldives
Photo by Jacob Riglin

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand: This mountainous city is chock full of culture, scenery and an ambiance that just can’t be beat. There are endless sites to explore: ancient temples, rice fields, street markets, jungle trails via elephant! There’s a reason more couples are jumping on the Thai honeymoon train.

rice fields Thailand
Photo by Leonie Hanne

6. Jordan: A Middle Eastern destination with landscapes + history that are a wonder to behold, Jordan makes our list because of all it’s bucket list activities. Swimming in the Dead Sea? Check. Sunrise over the desert in Wadi Rum? Check. Admire the Siq of Petra? Check. The country is small enough to be manageable, relaxed and an experience you’ll never forget.

Jordan honeymoon camel
Photo by Hayley Anderson

7. Tulum, Mexico: Okay we admit, Tulum is already on the up + up as honeymoon destination. And as it should be! The definition of leisure, you can spend the day reading in a beachfront hammock, getting a couple’s massage, taking a yoga class, laying on the beach, enjoying Mayan cuisine.. And the next exploring the town by bicycle, climbing Mayan ruins, snorkeling, scuba diving or paddle boarding, and swimming in the famous Sian Ka’an Biosphere. #Takemethere

Tulum honeymoon with bicycle and hut
Photo by Julia Engel

8. Belize

Honeymoon Belize Alamy 1

9. Sydney, Australia: Because when else will you get to go halfway around the world? Sydney is on our list for obvious reasons, but the Royal Botanic Garden pictured here would be at the top of our list as the epitome of the perfect date night. Whether it’s coastal walks, mountain views, vineyard tours, whale watching, musical attendance, or lazy beach days that are on your radar, that’s the good thing about visiting a city that has it all!

sydney australia botanic garden light canopy
Photo by Tara Whiteman

10. Cappadocia, Turkey: The hot air balloon haven we’ve all seen floating around Instagram, Cappadocia is simply otherworldly. Its exotic landscape boasts thrilling activities like the one we mentioned, but also horseback riding, hiking + cave exploration, ATV rides and more. So many unique places to stay (like this one!) and only a 90 min plane ride from Istanbul. Done!

fairy chimneys hot air balloon field Cappadocia
Photo by Samuel Taipale

11. Bali, Indonesia: Sweet escape, sweet escape! The lush jungles of Bali are an oasis unlike any other. We’d spend our time enjoying the wellness spas, clifftop restaurants, marigold fields, volcanic views, beach sunsets, and that famous Bali Swing.

bali indonesia honeymoon
Photo by Josiah Gordon

Phew! Who’s ready to plan their honeymoon? We’ve been pretty inspired by these places on our list, but would love to hear from our readers where else they’d recommend. We’ve got a passion for passports and an affinity for romance. So let’s get talking!

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  • As someone who went to Tulum following a 7/15 wedding, I would recommend going during any other season of the year. The town is so pretty and fun to explore – but it’s absolutely sweltering in the summer. Save Tulum for early spring or late fall – this should NOT be a summer destination.

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