8 Ways to Take All-Inclusive Honeymoons to the Next Level

As we step into May, the sun is finally peeking out and so are our daydreams about bucket list travel destinations in 2018. At the top are those tropical hot spots a little closer to home – Punta Cana, Riviera Maya, Aruba… We could go on! So if you’re planning a honeymoon to any of these gorgeous locales, we’ll vicariously live through you and let you in on a little secret. All-inclusive honeymoons are the way to go.

Caribbean beach honeymoon white sand

Apple Vacations is one leading company that specializes in this pretty rad service. There are so many ways to take advantage of the perks (and even enhance them further)! We’re sharing our top 8 with you below because the truth is, you just can’t beat a vacay that lets you relax.

Mexico honeymoon at all-inclusive resort pool

1. Instagram-worthy beach access: One of the more obvious ones, the perfect waterfront spot isn’t always easy to come by. So when you have a guaranteed sun lounger (fo’ free!) that’s just a short walk from your room, why wouldn’t you snag that option?

2. Sunset photoshoot: When you’re this high on life, you may want to go a step further than the selfie sticks and risky pics from strangers who act like they’ve never held a camera before. RIU Hotels & Resorts can actually help you plan a surprise sunset photoshoot for you and your partner – and to that we say, salud!

Caribbean beach honeymoon white sand

3. Breakfast in bed: The convenience of having everything right there for you is those lazy days where you don’t even have to leave the room. We can see it now – Jack Johnson crooning Banana Pancakes in the background and all!

4. Live music and shows: All-inclusive resorts, like RIU Hotels & Resorts, are chock full of live entertainment options – shows, nightlife, even themed parties. So mingle and nosh in a carefree way. The beauty is, you don’t know anybody here!

honeymoon hot tub tropical resort

5. Adults-only Options: If you’re worried about children or spring breakers (and trust us, we get it!), there are adults-only options as well, like Hotel Riu Republica 5 in Punta Cana that even has some suites with in-room jacuzzis. Score!

6. Endless Noms in Gastronomic Paradise: It’s not every day you’re in walking distance of Asian, Mexican, Italian and show cooking restaurants. So live it up when you have the chance! Hotel Riu Santa Fe in Los Cabos is one such resort that can claim bragging rights to this perk.

luxury pool all inclusive honeymoon resort

7. Excursions from the hotel: Many of these tropical resorts are located amidst waterfalls, rainforests and nature reserves on the other side of that beachfront. Apple Vacations has in resort representatives that will help you plan excursions you may not have discovered yet! As for us, we wouldn’t miss a visit to a safari-like park near Costa Rican Hotel Riu Guanacaste that transports you to the Savannah grasslands.

8. On-site Spa: There’s possibly no better way to surprise and delight your SO than with a day of massages, treatments and simple relaxation. The Renova Spa at the Hotel Riu Dunamar is one spa that we honestly might spend multiple days lounging at!

honeymoon hot tub tropical resort

If you’re already married, guess what. Anniversaries are the perfect excuse for a vacation too! (Tbh, we’ll think of anything). But the point is, we’re pretty obsessed with the idea of a complete getaway where the stress of planning and coordinating is gone, gone, gone. Apple Vacations conveniently has exclusive flights that get you to your destination non-stop. Which if you’ve been in the travel game long enough, you know it can sometimes take an entire day of lugging bags around airports because of layovers and connections.

Caribbean beach honeymoon white sand

Not only do they get you there easily but their all-inclusive vacations also encompass roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, airport transfers, and an in-resort rep to answer questions in person so you’re never on the phone with customer service in a different time zone.

honeymoon hot tub tropical resort

This kind of honeymoon just works. And you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes when you trade in your own planning spreadsheets for a custom itinerary from professionals. So check out the deets on Apple Vacations here, and tell us where you’ll be going for your honeymoon in the comments below!

This post was sponsored by Apple Vacations. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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