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7 Honeymoon Destinations that will Mistake you for the Maldives

7 Honeymoon Destinations that will Mistake you for the Maldives

all-inclusive honeymoon destinations

We’ve all been there, so to speak: you want to go somewhere special and exotic but can only take so many days off work/school. AND, you don’t want to lose several days out of your trip between jetlag and time zones. I feel you! Today we’re going to share seven locations to consider for your honeymoon to make the most out of your time off with your new spouse. Best part? They are all-inclusive resorts. These honeymoon gems made us a do a double take for the Maldives, yet, they are a hop, skip and a jump for those of us here in the U.S.

all-inclusive honeymoon destinations

An all-inclusive resort is hard to beat for your honeymoon. Especially when you think about how much time, planning and $$$ goes into creating an itinerary from scratch. Sure, a getaway to the Maldives or Bora Bora would be a stunner. But there are some hard-hitting facts we’ve just got to admit. A) Jet lag is inevitable. B) Time off from work is sometimes scarce. C) You can never completely relax when the fate of getting from Point A to Point B is entirely in your hands. We could go on! Which is why the light bulb completely flickers on when we think about all the possibilities with Sandals.

Sandals All Inclusive 02

You’ve heard of em! All-inclusive resorts dotting the tropical locales a little closer to home:

These 7 Honeymoon Destinations that will Mistake you for the Maldives are so much closert than you think –

  • the Caribbean
  • Jamaica (over the water bungalows like in the top photo!)
  • the Bahamas (swim with wild pigs!)
  • Grenada
  • Antigua
  • Saint Lucia
  • Barbados

Having been around the block a few times, they’re undeniable experts in their craft and we’ve heard time and time again just how easy trips with Sandals are. They treat you like the celebrities you are in a way that lets you enjoy every second of the experience. And last time we checked, vacays are supposed to be about shutting the door on stress.

Sandals All Inclusive 03

Sandals All Inclusive 04

Sandals All Inclusive 05

Sandals All Inclusive 06

Sandals All Inclusive 07

So here are the top 8 reasons we think all-inclusive honeymoons are the way-to-go:

1. Save Money: Once all is said and done with transportation, exchange rates, activities, restaurants, amenities, lodging and of course those pesky hidden fees, it can cost a fortune to travel across the world. Having all of this tied up in one easy to swallow package seems like a no-brainer!

2. Avoid jet lag: This is a biggie. You never think you’ll have jet lag until it hits you, and it can take days to recover. They say it takes you one day of recovery for every time zone shifted, so if you’re flying to a place 10 hours ahead, that’s 10 days to fully adjust to a new time zone. So flying somewhere a little closer to home, that still feels like the other side of the world, seems more practical by the second.

Sandals All Inclusive 08

Sandals All Inclusive 09

Sandals All Inclusive 10

Sandals All Inclusive 11

3. Stress-Free: These types of vacays allow you to actually enjoy your time, soaking up every second that you’re there. You don’t have to reference a monster spreadsheet for every little thing like booking confirmations and addresses and transportation options. Everything is conveniently laid out near and for you.

4. White Glove Service: Talk about living the lush life, all-inclusive resorts are known for their special treatment from the get-go. With Sandals, you start on a high note with free drinks at the airport, a chauffer that drives you straight to your resort where a team of butlers are waiting to give you a personalized tour and lavish service for the remainder of your time. Where do we sign up?

5. Rooms with a view: These resorts don’t play around with their spacious rooms and GORGE over-water bungalows, like the ones at Sandals Grande St. Lucian. The resorts have paradise written all over, and we are still gawking over the spa-style bathrooms across the board.

6. On-Site Everything: This includes restaurants and activities – golf, scuba, snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding to name a few! In case you have your eyes set on something specific, your honeymoon crew (reference butlers mentioned above) will help you arrange reservations.

Sandals All Inclusive 12

Sandals All Inclusive 13

Sandals All Inclusive 14

Sandals All Inclusive 15

7. Neverending Perks: Romance is in their DNA, so surprise + delights seem to await you around every corner. You may just walk back to your room to find a hot bathtub filled with fresh petals and dreamy scents!

8. Spend more days at your destination: It can be tough to rack up enough consecutive vacation days to make a trip halfway across the globe possible. Once you consider how long it takes to get there plus how long you will be jet lagged, you may not be left with a whole lotta days to make the trek worth it. If you can work smarter not harder, we think you can vacation smarter, not harder.

If you need us, we’ll be researching more of these tropical locales for our next getaway because at the end of the day, there’s nothing more convenient than all-inclusive. So if you’re in the market for a honeymoon destination that will let you relax + recharge in the best kind of way, check out the gamechanging options Sandals offers here.

Sandals All Inclusive 16

Sandals All Inclusive 17

Sandals All Inclusive 18

Sandals All Inclusive 19

This post was sponsored by Sandals. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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