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Streamers, 3 Different Ways I

Streamers, 3 Different Ways I

We have featured so many amazing weddings using streamers as their wedding decor ;ate;y, that we couldn’t help but notice how versatile they are. From casual handmade weddings to city chic soirées, they can be incorporated in virtually any wedding style, hence the mini series. Starting with a DIY wedding theme, here are few of our favorite vintage decor must-haves that can be perfectly matched with streamers:

Vintage Party Decor Must-Haves for weddings

1. Vintage cakestands. This vintage-inspired cakestand from My Sweet and Saucy Shop has the right amount of cute to make your wedding cake pop!

2. Tea-length wedding dresses alone make my heart go pitter-patter, and in blush pink? From Dolly Couture.

3. Crepe paper streamers for your ceremony backdrop. You can double it as a photobooth backdrop for your reception! The photo above is by W Scott Chester. You can view another great example of a streamer ceremony backdrop in this wedding we featured a few months ago. You can buy paper streamers in bulk here.

4. Vintage mismatched china. This wedding we featured back in 2009 had a unique place setting for each guest. You can scour flea markets and thrift stores, and we also often see brides selling the vintage china collections in our Recycle Your Wedding section, so be sure to keep your eye peeled for new listings.

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5. Retro soda bottles as centerpieces. Brands like Faygo and Boylan have a vintage-inspired look and can be found at most supermarkets. You can view the rest of this wedding here.

6. Paper straws and lemonade, is there a better combo to beat the heat with such charm? Though vintage milk glass bottles are tough to find in large quantities, you can get the same look by getting Starbucks or Archer Farms (by Target) Frappucino bottles pronto 🙂 You can find paper straws in large quantities here.

Check back soon for our next installment!

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  • What I like about this wedding and any vintage wedding theme is it reflects marriage in a positive light. The institution has long endured through the centuries, and a vintage decor reflects this understandable longevity.

  • oh i love the paper straws! I found gray ones at much better prices at – those are cute but pricey on that site!

    Also great cake stands on ebay!

    Thanks for these great ideas!

  • just be carefull when using crape paper streamers, if they get wet then the color will bleed onto anything it touches. We do not allow crape paper streamers in our white tents because the stain will not come off. It also stains wood chairs. Fabric streams are much better.

  • These are my favourite streamers from this blog series – you can almost touch them in the photo! Lovely thick streamers that blow in the wind… gorgeous.

  • I love how well these streamers photograph. The bright colors blend together really well because there are so many of them. A simple, yet effective way to embellish the venue.

  • I love that cake! And the vintage soda bottles as center pieces are such a great idea!! So cheap too 🙂

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