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Sponsor Introduction: Wedding Photographers

Sponsor Introduction: Wedding Photographers

I just want to give a huge shoutout to my lovely sponsors who make Ruffled possible! Each advertiser is hand picked based on readers’ taste, style and needs, so you can imagine how proud I am to have them on board. All of them travel, but I thought it would be helpful to local brides to see where they are based out of. We’re going to start by introducing our photographers (in no particular order) and they’re going to tell us a little bit about themselves:

Angela Burke Photography Seattle Washington
One Thousand Words Photography
Location: Seattle, Washington

One Thousand Words Photography is us – Angie and Ashley. We met on the first day of art school and bonded over a deep love of photography and pretty dresses. Neither of us planned to become wedding photographers and can hardly believe our good fortune! We’re passionate about art and about relationships – so we’re pretty much in the perfect line of work. My pulse still races at the outpouring of love and hope and magic that happen at a wedding. Ashley can manage tack sharp focus with tears streaming down her face during the vows (I’ve seen it). We adore all things vintage and gorgeous . . . and ruffled. 🙂

Ann Arbor Michigan Wedding Photographer Nicole Ladonne
Nicole Ladonne Photography
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I know how important photographs can be to a person, a family or a couple. I spent most of the big events in my own life behind a lens, and have organized my mothers’ photos more times than I can remember! In my work, I strive to capture the personalities and natural timing of my subjects. I care a lot about what I do, and I hope that it reflects in my photographs.

Caroline Ghetes Photography
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

I started my photography business in January of 2007. I would describe my photographic style, documenting spontaneous moments with an editorial flair. I have recently been injecting eco-friendly practices in running my business and in my personal life as well. I am learning everyday as far as what I can do to be less wasteful and teach my family the same thing. I lived in Chicago until I was 18, then Phoenix for 8 years, and now Charlotte since May of 2008. I still miss Chicago and I think it is the best city in the whole wide world. I’d still like to move back. If only I can convince my husband. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to document the love between two people on the most important day of their lives. Many a times, I have caught myself crying behind my viewfinder when snapping shots or in front of my computer screen when editing a perfectly caught moment. And every time, I remember why I love my job so much and that it is my calling.

Caroline is also doing a Free Wedding Photography Giveaway – click here for details.

Photomuse Wedding Photography Brooklyn New York
Location: Brooklyn, New York

It is especially important to be true to oneself in a world where images, ideas, and technology change so rapidly. By being able to articulate my goals as an artist and by continuing to challenge myself with new techniques and knowledge, I ensure that my photographic work harmonizes with who I am as a person. I have a Fine Arts background and a degree in Photography from Pratt Institute, and I strive to incorporate a rich history of the arts into my photographic work. I work each wedding with a fresh outlook and treats each couple individually, always striving to photograph each wedding in a new and exciting way. My wedding day approach is thoughtful and caring, staying sensitive to the day’s flow and never intruding. 

Sarah E. Evans Wedding Photography Texas
Sarah E. Evans Photography
Location: East Texas

Sarah e. Evans Photography provides Modern Vintage Photography with a Southern Twist. With her business based in East Texas, she covers much of the Southeast Texas area and is available for travel. Living in the Oldest town in Texas helps to inspire and define her style of photography and allows her to keep things funky, fresh, and unique. 

We will continue to introduce our sponsors later today, next up will be Stationery and Wedding Day Necessities group!

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  • I found this blog whilst looking for something else, I really love the range of pictures and different styles used

  • Wedding photographer is an important part of wedding because he is the person who make this event memorable through his amazing photos.

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