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The 7 Ingredients For Indoor Wedding Photos That Wow

The 7 Ingredients For Indoor Wedding Photos That Wow

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Today we’re talking about something we know has been on your minds – indoor wedding photos! Seriously, what’s the deal? We hear photographers talk so much about the benefit of natural light, but does that mean the images from your indoor wedding are going to be lacking? Absolutely not! We looked to longtime Ruffled member and DC-based photographer, Lisa Blume, to give us some insight.

Her stunning imagery brings us chills whether they take place under a roof or not, and she’s gonna give us all the 411 on what to consider when choosing an indoor wedding venue, why it makes a difference and how you can better prepare yourself to have dreamy photos at your indoor wedding too.

indoor boudoir session

So without further ado, here are the 7 tips for epic indoor wedding photos:

1. Factor in the sunset

Lisa Blume: I always recommend that my clients identify when the sun is setting fairly early on in their planning process because even if your wedding is inside, you might have a little natural light coming through windows, which I find so incredibly helpful in getting those beautiful photos they always dreamed of.

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2. Know your wedding style before choosing your venue

Lisa Blume: Choosing your venue is possibly the most important decision you’ll make during the planning process because it will set the tone and vibe of your entire day. So identifying the type of experience you want for your family and friends is very important to figure out during or before your venue search. Your venue will help in identifying your color scheme/look, the dress code, your gown choice, how many floral arrangements you’ll need, where guests will be staying, how they’ll get to the venue and so much more.

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3. Seek out venues with history or character

Lisa Blume: Here in Washington, DC we have plenty of talented creative vendors that are experienced in transforming spaces to make them feel more unique and inviting. With that being said there are many indoor venues and hotels that have unique indoor spaces that don’t require as much decor. Those are typically the venues I work at the most because the clients feel as though they have a safe indoor option away from rain or bad weather, AND due to the unique and inviting architecture and design of the building the client doesn’t feel as much of a need to decorate.

bridal tiara and lace robe

4. Look for a getting ready space with large windows or a skylight

Lisa Blume: When you’re sculpting your perfect wedding day, it’s best to get dressed in an open uncluttered space with windows or even skylights to bring in that lovely romantic light to your photographs. I’m finding that more and more of my clients are opting for larger, wide open AirBnBs for their getting ready space, rather than a small dark hotel room. Some are even splurging for a large hotel suite, so they can comfortably get ready with all their girlfriends but still have a beautiful space to get into their wedding gown without being on top of one another all morning.

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5. Have a bold color palette

Lisa Blume: Light pinks, blush and yellows are hard to photograph with indoor lighting and on-camera flashes. White placement cards, menus and signage can also be difficult. So select a palette that not only builds upon the venue, but gives a sense of bold, contrast too!

dramatic floral headpiece

6. Let your photographer shoot the details off-site

Lisa Blume: If a client is interested in getting their wedding published, then I will sometimes photograph invitations and any paper items the day before the wedding so I have control over the lighting and have all my styling items. Talk to your photographer about options for taking these items home to shoot (your invites, accessories, heirlooms) with their own styling backdrops, ribbons, props, loose petals, etc as it may allow for more freedom and flexibility in the way they’re styled together. Translation: LOTS of frame-worthy shots of these sometimes forgotten about wedding details!

united kingdom estate wedding with ghost chairs and greenery
From this black tie DC wedding

7. Take portraits outdoors

Lisa Blume: Many of my clients who get married in darker spaces still want me to capture the getting ready portion and the portraits with natural light, so we try to do as many portraits as we can before the ceremony. Just because your ceremony + reception take place indoors, it doesn’t mean you can’t shine in the light of day for those important shots with your loved ones and take advantage of some of those scenic corners of your venue!

bridal getting ready photos

We’ve seen a thousand times how indoor wedding photos can be just as tremendous as something shot in 100% natural light, so be rest assured yours will be too! As you plan, be sure to keep Lisa’s tips about the getting ready location, ceremony time and color palette in mind; But at the end of the day, know that whatever you choose will turn out beautifully. After all, isn’t every Royal Wedding held indoors too?

Thanks so much again, Lisa!

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