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Forget Wedding Shot Lists: This is WHY You Can Throw Them Out The Window

Forget Wedding Shot Lists: This is WHY You Can Throw Them Out The Window

Bold statement to throw your wedding shot list out the window, we know. But truth be told, your day should be documented by those raw moments, seeping with real emotion that can spark a memory in an instant. Of course you should still get those traditional shots of the bouquet, the first look, the kiss, the family… but letting your wedding photographer have free reign to capture those moments in between (the good, the bad, and the weepy) will have you straight on a path to nostalgia Heaven. And that’s exactly what Palm Beach wedding photographer, Victoria Johansson, does best. Her documentary photography style tells unique stories, and my are we in love with the result!
sail boat engagement session with emerald dress
It doesn’t take more than a frame to see how rich with feeling her photos are, not to mention a pretty dreamy aesthetic. And how cool is it that her relationship with couples extends far beyond the wedding – to lifestyle portrait sessions, home sessions, even honeymoon captures! And the biggest thing these heartfelt photos have in common? Their sense of truth.
beach wedding portrait session bride and groom
wedding toasts
pillow fight at home couple session
couple portrait session
at home session south florida photographer
If you need a bit more evidence to back up the unconventional idea of throwing your shot list out the window, we’ll lay out all the cards…
soft kiss bride and groom
1. Storytelling | The #1 reason is that this more free-flowing approach allows your wedding photographer to capture the most important moments of the day that no one could have ever planned. It’s those spontaneous embraces, those unexpected delights and those teary-eyed sweet nothings that will stir up the best memories when you’re looking through your album years down the road. Or even sharing with your next generations!
Victoria sits down with her couples before the wedding day to learn about the way they met, the passions they share, the way their daily life looks and the feelings they want her to capture. We think this kind of transparency is the way to go because only then will you feel held and heard.
two grooms in black tuxes
2. More time to enjoy the day | You’re planning for months, sometimes years, for this day. And it’ll go by faster than any day you’ve ever lived, so the more time you and your guests have to immerse yourselves in the experience (sans picture pressure), the more you will remember. And the more you’ll get to take part in the day you poured your heart + soul into for so long! You don’t have to sacrifice your portraits, or any of those important pictures on your must-have list, but it’s worth sitting down with your photographer to let them know what your biggest priorities for the day are so they can plan accordingly and you don’t have to miss out on the fun. And hey, having a more laidback portrait session with more giggles than poses to remember is always a good time.
wedding serenade with guitar and casual wedding dress
3. Unique photos | It goes without saying that candids and emotion-based images result in a pretty unique gallery that doesn’t look like a replica of your best friend’s. Allowing your photographer to float around in the background, like a wedding memory ninja, will reap a beautifully-captured + accurate story that could only be told by you and your guests.
fall vineyard wedding bride and groom laughing
4. Pressure Free | There’s a lot to be said about not having to keep track of shot list progress. When you eliminate the burden of a shot list, and trust your photographer to capture those relationships and VIPs you’ve already discussed, you allow yourself to focus on what’s really important on the day… your first moments as newlyweds!
breathtaking desert elopement inspiration with flowy wedding dress and tan groom suit
5. In the end, shot lists don’t matter | Trust your photographer to do what they do best. They’ve been around the block enough to know that you’ll probably want some pictures of your dress, your invitations, your cake and your reception. (To name a few!) At the end of the day, shot lists might distract from the memories being made, right then and there. Seasoned photographers like Victoria have got a knack for capturing both, so why stick with the standard when you can have it all?
sailboat engagement session with emerald ruffled dress
We’ll hop off our soapbox, but leave you with this to ponder: Would you rather remember what everyone was wearing, or remember the feelings you had as they poured their love and well wishes out on you? One of the reasons we love Victoria’s documentary style photography is that it captures all the subtle beauty that might’ve been missed. As a world traveler and adventurous soul, it’s easy to see why her subjects tell just as spectacular a story. See what we mean on her website here!
desert elopement bride and groom
The best part? Victoria is giving 10% off any full-day wedding packages (8 hours+) for Ruffled readers who book their wedding before December 13th, 2018 using this link and mentioning Ruffled!

This post was sponsored by Victoria Johansson Photography. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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