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Ontario Rustic Wedding

Ontario Rustic Wedding

This week we get to share not just one, but two weddings from Canada with beautiful images for us to gush over. Michael Smith of Ash Imagery flew to Ontario to document the wedding of Tegan and Peter. Tegan, the bride, has been reading our site throughout her engagement and took much of her inspiration from Ruffled, along with lots of eco-friendly and heartfelt details. Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us!

Ontario rustic wedding ideas

We picked the location because it is my father’s farm, he designed and build the whole property which used to be a gravel pit, the barn was built using an old barn hay loft frame and was put up by Mennonites in the area. This is a very unique style in Ontario. My father has put his heart and soul in to the property.

wooden wedding signs ideas

Ontario rustic wedding ideas

We also wanted all the animals to be part of the day, with the horses in the barn eating their oats while we were eating and the dogs trotting around visiting all the guests. The tables were built by me and my dad.

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The catering was all sourced locally and individually with Ontario Beef and Chicken served. The salads were made by a lady 20 kms away, the bread by a company called O’Sheas Farm 25 kms away, I made the ceasar salad and baked potatoes made by the congregation and family. The congregation of the Cromarty Church where we were married served all the food and also each made a dessert for the dessert bar. Other desserts were made by my aunts, with my aunt Matty making over 250 butter tarts from scratch! (pastry included) We sourced drinks from all the areas of the world where people were coming. Coopers Sparkling Ale – Australia, Magners and Guiness – Dublin, Ireland, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Steam Whistle beer from Toronto Ontario, and Finally a Koonunga Hill Shiraz Cabernet from the Barossa Valley in Australia.

Ontario rustic wedding ideas

All the decorating was done by my two best friends (Simone Rioux and Erin Wismer) who spend the whole week prior at the farm creating, working average of 12 hrs a day. This barn is a working barn so there was alot to do. All the electrical was done by my cousins Monique and Shawn and the old ice cream truck which held all the drink and food belonged to my uncle Johnny. My mom found the chandelier on the side of the road ready to be picked up by the garbage truck. So to say the least it was a family affair including the help of the local community. We wanted to source everything locally, even the rental equipment was only from 10 kms away.

The invitations included the barn and our dogs which was designed by my friend from Law School in Australia. She also designed the stamp which we used on the tags for the Jam which was made by my mom’s friend.

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The details were a collection of ideas from Blogs that I collected (I used Ruffled Blog) and my friend Erin who is an artist brought it to life. We found most of the details around the farm or my mother’s house and some from second hand shops. Very few things were new. The plates we used for dinner and dessert were collected by my family and most either donated their old plates or sourced them from second hand shops and/or estate auctions.

rustic wedding ideas

We had over 30 people from overseas travel in for the wedding.

My dress was from Australia – Halo was the Designer and shoes were from Canada. When traveling from Australia I had to shove my wedding dress in my hand luggage after arriving in LA from Sydney as American Airlines would not allow me to carry it! It came out relatively unscathed. Bridesmaid dress was from J crew. The horses that pulled the carriage are a breed called Friesians and they are from the province in Holland where my father was born. Also, the carriage was built locally in Bayfield. And the horses were bred locally as well.

Ontario rustic wedding ideas

Ontario Wedding barn ideas

I had a day of planner who worked her ass off all day and into the night, her name is Jennifer Vandenberg and she is from Dorchester, Ont. Highly recommend her. Bouquet flowers were done by Mary at Spring Hill Flowers in London Ontario and she also did the amazing Boutonnieres. The Flowers for the tables and decoration were sourced from a flower farm in Sebringville Ont called Black Creek Flowers.

As for the planning, I did most of it from Sydney Australia while I was supposed to be studying with the help of a dear friend Courtney Bergeron from London Ontario.

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Wedding Venue and Vendors (Ontario, Canada):

Venue: bride’s family barn / Photographer: Ash Imagery / Hair and Makeup: Heather Wenman from Studio H / Wedding Dress: Halo / Hairpiece: BHLDN

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  • Wow, this is nothing but inspiring. And doing it all from OZ…so impressed and amazed! And Mike dominated as always!

  • Oh my word, I love it ALL! What a breathtaking event- all of the little details blow me away. I especially love the mason jars (but I’m a sucker for those, always πŸ™‚

  • Is it possible to get the contact info for your day of wedding planner? She sounds fantastic! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day!

  • Hey Tegan

    I was searching some sites for Leticia’s wedding next year and imagine my surprise to find you! Mitch had told me that Matty was busy with his aunts making butter tarts and Leticia showed me a few photos of your wedding.

    It looks like a fantastic day and all of your hard work paid off! What a lovely memory for you both to treasure.

    Love and best wishes,


  • Hey Tegan,

    I loved all your pics this is exactly what we are looking wanting to do for our wedding. We are having such a hard time trying to find a venue in London ON, Would your dad rent the barn out to others?

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi Danielle
    Email me on Facebook, my profile pic is a picture from the wedding with my dog. I will contact my dad in the meantime.

  • me and my fiancee want to get married in a barn i was wondering where your tooks place, it is so beautiful and original you thought of things that never would have caught my eye but you did it so beautifully. if you could help me out itd be greatly appercaited.

  • Is the location of your wedding able to be rented?? It is difficult to find barn locations for weddings but they are absolutely stunning!

  • I’m also wondering about renting this barn! Please send me an email.


  • I was referred to this link from another wedding planner who rents her barn out. Unfortunately she is not hosting any weddings in 2013. Would you be able to contact me, I’m very interested in renting the space – exactly what I’m looking for!

  • Tegan, I have seen a lot of perople interested in renting out your dads barn and was wondering the same thing. Please email me at
    Your wedding look beautiful and that is the kind of setting we have been looking for.

  • Hi Tegan,

    Just got engaged, and like everyone else, wanting to know if this location is available for non-family member weddings. It is so beautiful and exactly what we’re looking for. I am originally from Ingersoll ON and will be having the wedding back home. Is there any way this space is available? Any info greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Tegan
    My sister just got engaged and they are searching for a location exactly like this! Just wondering if it available to be rented out and where it is located exactly, if you could get back to me that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi Tegan,

    First off, what a beautiful wedding!
    I just got engaged and am already scrambling to find a venue for Sept 14th 2013. Your father’s barn is STUNNING and very much the feel that my fiancΓ© and I would like. ( It is so hard to find a beautiful rustic venue) Im not sure if your father would be willing to rent out the property, but if so we would love to get in contact and perhaps see it. My email is:

    If you could let me know either way , I would really appreciate it.

    Thank yoU!

  • Hi Tegan,

    I also would love to know if your father is renting out his barn for weddings in 2014. It is just stunning. Congrats on such a magical day! My e-mail is

    Thank you!

  • This is sheer brilliance. I’m actually attempting to plan a barn wedding for myself (Aug 2013) and this served as nothing short of inspiration. Quick question – where is this barn located? Any chances of being able to rent it out? I’m in dire need as I’ve researched and have not had any promising venues come up in my radar. Any guidance/help would be much appreciated. Thanks so much! Congratulations πŸ™‚

  • Hi Tegan,

    I have the same question as everyone else- does your dad rent out his property?
    Sounds like he could have quite the little business.
    Please send me an e-mail if so –

  • Hey All,
    After numerous events and an extremely successful wedding we decided to create a new venue for couples looking for that rustic, barn wedding! Were located in Caledon, Ontario and will be hosting weddings and events starting the spring of 2013. Check out our facebook page, Cambium Farms for pictures. Email us at mail@cambiumfarms for more info! Our website will be up shortly but facebook has plenty of pictures to show what we have to offer!

  • This is an incredibly late post, but Tegan if you are reading this I hope to get in touch with you. My fiance and I are booked to marry next August 2nd and our barn venue just informed us they are closing shop due to a liability issue. We now have NO venue, and are in a bit of a jam. I am wondering if your dad would be willing to rent out the barn for our day? Would love to discuss this, or any suggestions you may have otherwise. Your day was perfect and exactly what I have designed myself.
    Thank you!

  • Is it possible to rent this barn for a wedding in 2015? It is beautiful! We are having a tough time finding a place

    Let me know πŸ™‚

  • Where is this venue? Is it still available for weddings in 2015?

  • Hi there!

    Absolutely gorgeous! Wondering if you rent this space? If you do, do you have any weekends available in 2015?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Hi!

    Loved the photos and story. We are searching far and wide for a similar venue. Would you please be able to send any details for rental (and pricing) availability for Aug-October 2015?

    Thanks in advance (and congratulations) πŸ™‚

  • The barn look absolutely gorgeous!
    I’m having my wedding in 2017. Would you be able to send me your rental details and pricing please

    Thank you very much

  • Such a beautiful barn! I was wondering if it is available to rent, and if, is it available during September 2017? If you could email me with rental details and pricing, that would be fantastic!

    Thank you!

  • This barn is absolutely stunning, Im wondering if you’re Dad is willing to rent on either September 30th 2016, or October 1st 2016?

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