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Jazz Age + Classic Wedding Ideas

Jazz Age + Classic Wedding Ideas

By now you probably already seen Kate Moss’ wedding photos, right? We don’t typically post celebrity weddings, but we couldn’t help but drool over her wedding. After seeing a few famous weddings this year, we noticed a few things in common amongst them. They typically share vintage-inspired elements that are key to a timeless wedding that could be flawlessly incorporated in budget-friendly weddings. Kate and Jamie’s wedding was particularly inspired by the 1920s Jazz Age, and we love how fresh it looks. You don’t need to go over your budget to have a classic wedding, either. Observe:

Kate Moss’ 1920s-inspired gown was desgined by Galliano, but you can find similar styles for less at places like Dillards and Nordstrom. Here‘s one for under $500!!

1. For those getting married in a house of worship such as a temple or chapel, why not take a few portraits in front of it? Below are some weddings we featured with the most adorable portraits in front of their ceremony venues.

Destination Iceland wedding
Charming church in this wedding in England
Gorgeous portraits in front of the LDS Temple in this Salt Lake City wedding
Sweet Oregon wedding in a chapel.

2. White on white color palette. How could you ever go wrong with white? Whether it’s a winter wonderland or summer wedding (like Kate’s wedding), this color looks sharp year round. It’s such an easy color to find rentals, beautiful china and in-season flowers too.

3. Flowers instead of a cake topper. Since your florist (or yourself if you’re buying flowers in bulk) will be using the same flowers for the tables and your bouquets, why not ask her/him to decorate the cake? You can use leftover flowers if you’re DIY your own floral arrangements. White cake calls for buttercream icing, which is as delicious as it is budget-friendly!

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4. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses. We’ve been long time fans of the mismatched look, but we also love that your bridesmaids have the freedom to choose a dress that they can wear again (if they don’t already have it in their closets). Kate Moss’ matrons of honor all wore their own stylish frocks.

5. Now that you saved using the tips above, why not splurge on an amazing photographer and pamper your guests? Jamie and Kate’s photographer was iconic fashion photographer Mario Testino, and they hired classic cars to transport their guests from the church to reception. Save wherever you can, and splurge on what matters to you and your fiance the most!

All photos by Mario Testino from Vogue

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  • Kate Moss’ wedding was so beautiful… and that gown! Galliano can’t top himself from here! That cake just looks spectacular too… when I wrote about her wedding in my blog, I forgot to mention the cake!! Big mistake – I’m going to have to revisit it! Nice post!

  • I don’t normally like “famous weddings” that are over done because they have money. But this wedding? Classic and beautiful…something inspiring for all of my brides. Best Ruffle Post ever, thanks! xo

  • I was expecting something more fashion forward from Kate’s wedding dress. I think the one she chose is absolutely beautiful, of course, I just somehow thought it would be more crazy Kate Moss style!

  • I like that idea in number four. And I like the fashion of those women in the picture. Totally adorable and beautiful.

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