Happy Friday! This week flew by – thanks to an extended 4th July weekend. I have two beautiful intimate weddings to share with you today, both with different but equally delightful styles. First up is Echo and Rich’s wedding. This Michigan couple decided to have a small ceremony with their closest family members in a charming chapel in Iceland. Talk about a gorgeous backdrop! Icelandic photographer Bragi Þór Jósefsson won several awards for a few of their portraits, including PDN’s Top Knot! Needless to say, I’m awe-struck to have Bragi share this gorgeous wedding with us.


  • Gosh! Sometimes the small weddings just don’t look appealing to me but they look like they had the sweetest day ever!


  • stunning…i love that first image of the chapel.

  • Yesss!So beautiful. I recall seeing this wedding amongst 100’s of entries in the Top Knots contest and it was one of my very faves. Lovely to see it on your blog :)

  • Parks

    That little blue chapel is lovely!

  • the landscapes are so gorgeous and that cute little chapel gives it a very intimate feel

  • Chantale@labellebride

    So charming! I love it!

  • Katie

    Totally rad! What a cool place to get married!!!

  • It’s almost like they built a little chapel just for them. So charming!

  • absolute PERFECTION!

  • Ashley

    My husband and I went to iceland the first week of May for our honeymoon. This brings back so many memories! I love this wedding!

  • I just got cold all of a sudden! Stunning location…just love the steam. And the pic of the chapel is guests is fabulous too. Thanks for sharing.


  • holy smokes! super intimate! love that though.


  • Cherie

    This is gorgeous!!!!!

  • Cat W

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Now how romantic is that?! I cried. What a joy and a blessing and how beautiful! Your pick of everyone (all your families) holding hands is so warming and loving! Thanks for sharing!!

  • That tiny little church is so perfect.

  • Wow, the clothes are beautiful…as is the background for the wedding. Cann’t quite see what the items are in the background…are there shelves and items on the shelves? I have not been to iceland I have a word press blog story on weird weddings where i have a cute picture of a chapel. http://bit.ly/8Iskxs thanks for this.

  • this is so lovely…the landscape and church is amazing!

  • Elisabete

    Fiquei maravilhada com a igreja…muito linda …parabéns…..

  • Elisabete

    Parabéns…igreja linda…

  • SO incredibly beautiful! Everything is perfect and charming.

  • Wow, that photo with them walking across the bridge surrounded by vapour is just unbelieveable

  • I loooove these images. We are heading to Iceland in August!

  • Ohhh this is so lovely! I think I would shoot a wedding for free in Iceland if someone wanted me to (I don’t even think I’m kidding!)! Such a gorgeous place!

  • leigh


  • Carolyn

    I love her coat!

  • wow.

  • Absolutely stunning.

  • I can’t believe the beauty in those images, i’m dying to go to iceland more than EVER!

  • Ruth

    Does anyone know where exactly in Iceland this church is? I am hoping to get married in Iceland… and this looks like my dream location…

  • emma – www.emmaeriksson.me

    This is so beautiful. Dream location for me to shoot weddings!

  • Kirsty

    hiya, , where in Iceland is this stunning chapel. It looks so perfect for what my other half and I want.