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Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card

Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card

Look what I have here today! This printable template makes a 4×6 envelope and it comes with an adorable card that reads “look how far we’ve come” and a flying paper plane for those long distance engagements! I printed the envelope on Kraft paper and really liked the combination, but you can print it onto white cardstock or any color paper you wish. The template for the envelope prints on 11×17 paper. The blank card was printed onto a pale gray cardstock to contrast the Kraft paper (can you tell how much I like gray?)

The blue “Par Avion” stamp below is actually a dingbat you can download for free on called Dead Letter Office.

Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card
Free Printable Air Mail Envelope and Save-the-Date Card


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Download printable Air Mail Envelope and Save the Date

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  • wow, I was looking everywhere online this past friday for *this* EXACTLY! The air mail envelope AND the paper airplane postcard. thank you so much!

  • How do I type on the evelope and card??? please help! i love this idea so cute!

  • Hi Diana,

    These were meant for handwriting, but if you would like to type in the info, you can upload the files to Another option is to use Photoshop (you can download a free trial) and right click the file “open with”, then choose Photoshop.

    Hope this helps!

  • brilliant idea – would have been great for our save the dates 🙂 BTW, added you to the blog roll!

  • THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! I’ve been looking for this envelope all day! No one makes that kind anymore with the stripes around the border! — K

  • Fonts are Marketing Script,Geo Sans Light and Joe’s hand. You can download all of them for free on

    hope this helps!

  • Actually, while Joe Hand looks pretty cute too, the one above actually appears to be Jellyka – Estrya’s Handwriting. 🙂

  • (Oops, actually, the part where it says “We’re getting married” is Estrya’s. The “please save the date…” part is Joe’s 😉 )

  • I love this but I cannot get it printed in an good size, it turns out too small! What to do?

  • Such a cute idea! I’m definitely going to do this! The only thing I worry about is if the post office will get confused and not allow the fake stamps on the front?

  • These are great! I wasn’t really sure I wanted to do Save the Dates but now I think I have to. The paper airplane is actually perfect for us! Since about 6 months into our relationship he carries around in his wallet a piece of paper I wrote I love you on and threw at him (after folding into an airplane). We’ve been together 4 years and it’s still there.

  • I really love this idea. Is FedEx able to print on the brown paper or do you suggest doing this from my home?
    Also, did anyone edit the save the date card in their computer (mac)? Thanks for your help!

  • Where did you find 11 x 17 Kraft paper?? I’m dying to use this template but can’t find the paper anywhere!!!

  • what is the font that was used for “invitation to follow” and “look how far we’ve come” for the airplane?

  • hi!!! where can I find the fonts ?? of the save the date please, they are really cute!!

  • oh no! I really love these for our vintage wedding this October but I cannot un-zip them on my computer! any other way of downloading??

  • I love love love this save-the-date card. What’s the font for “invitation to follow”? Thanks!

  • I would like to know if it’s possible to make a bigger envelope (one that takes up the whole page of paper)?

  • Hi I love the air mail envelope its just what I’m looking for. I have downloaded it but don’t seem to be able to edit it?? any ideas

  • Do you know if the post office has issues with the envelope and the “air mail” insignia when it is mailing domestically? I am assuming not, but hate for them to reject me after addressing all of my envelopes. Thanks in advance

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