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DIY Wire Orbs

DIY Wire Orbs

We were instantly smitten when we saw these wire orbs hanging above the tablescape in today’s inspiration shoot from Honey & Twine Weddings and Events, so just imagine our delight when we learned that Hannah and Tria were willing to share how they made these little beauties! Our thanks goes out to Kimberly Chan Photography for expertly capturing each step along the way.

wire pearl decorations
wire orbs chandelier
From Hannah and Tria of Honey & Twine Weddings and Events: These whimsical and delicate little atoms only require a couple materials and some manual dexterity. We designed them for our inspiration shoot “The Artist & the Scientist” and suspended them over the table, but they’re versatile little things and can be used in a number of ways!

diy wire orbs necklace

For this project, you will need:
-wire (feel free to use varying thickness and color)
-wire cutters
-pearl beads

1. Thread wire through pearl and bend tail down to secure.

wire pearl decorations

2. We’re going to use our fingers to measure. Line up pearl with your ring finger.

diy wire orb tutorials

3. Twist wire around your fingers once, twice, three times.

diy wire orb tutorials

4. Cut wire at the middle of the back of your fingers.

diy wire orb tutorials

5. Pinch loops together at this middle point, and wrap the tail of your wire twice to secure the pinch.

diy wire orb tutorials

6. Open loops to form an “atom” shape.

diy wire orb tutorials

7. At the point where all the loops touch (opposite of your first “pinch”), wrap the pearl end twice to secure.

diy wire orb tutorials

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Photoshoot Location: San Francisco, CA / Event Styling: Honey & Twine Weddings and Events / Photography: Page Bertelsen / Florals: Church Street Flowers / Rentals: Classic Party Rentals, SF / Hair and Makeup: WowPretty / Dresses: Novella Bridal Boutique / Model: Maria Fang / Venue: The Allied Arts Guild

You can bend them to be perfectly shaped, but we also love the personality and charm that slightly imperfect forms communicate.

diy wire orb tutorials
DIY wire orbs
DIY wire orbs

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  • I’m definitely doing these little beauties, thinking of hanging them above the middle of the tables like a centerpiece/mobile.

    remind me of the golden snitch!

  • I am making these and am a little confused the instructions say to wrap the pearl twice to secure it…wrap it with what?

    • Hello Nancy! Wrap the pearl-end around the point where the wires are intersecting. You use the pearl to secure the shape and keep the loops in place. You don’t need any other materials to wrap around the pearl itself though. Hope that makes sense!

  • I am going to make these.. What do you wrap the pearl twice with.

  • I am going to be making these for an accent to my wedding reception. Our theme is galaxy and these orbs are perfect little elements. What size wire and bead do you find easiest to work with? I am looking to buy in bulk so I can have a craft night with my lady friends. I’d like the same size as the ones you displayed here! Could you share with me what you used? I might experiment later with size, but I’d like a starting point! Thank you so much!

  • Hi,
    Can you specify where you can get the wire/ brand of the wire?

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