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DIY Wall Seating Chart Frame

DIY Wall Seating Chart Frame

Seating Chart Frame Diy 008

We’re big fans of “choose a seat, not a side” for the ceremony (first come, first gets the best seat!) but when you’re having a seated dinner, a seating chart is a must. This DIY wall seating chart is the easiest way to direct your guests to their tables! With a few materials and equipped with the newest DIY tools from Fiskars, this large seating chart can be made in a jiff!

Seating Chart Frame DIY

What you’ll need:

Fiskars Precision Screwdriver

Fiskars Precision Hand Drill

Fiskars Precision Hand Saw

4 1×2 wood

4 L brackets

multiple eye hooks


miter box

mini clothespins



DIY Wall Seating Chart

DIY Wall Seating Chart

Using a miter box, I cut two 6 feet long pieces of 1×2 and two 4 feet pieces of 1×2, both with a 45 degree angle. I’ve used my hand saw a number of times before (like for these copper vases) and it’s simply the best tool for DIY projects that need a saw that’s small, easy to use and gives you control for small projects such as this one. It has clean + minimal design, which just so happens to match my aesthethics perfectly 🙂

Seating Chart Frame Diy 002

dip dye place cards

The wood lengths can be cut straight as well, but mitered corners help make the frame a little more stable.

Using L brackets as my template, I pre-drilled screw holes with my Hand Drill, which is now my favorite tool to use. This hand-cranked drill is also a small-but-mighty DIY tool that gently but powerfully drills holes through a number of materials including wood, dry wall and more.

DIY Wall Seating Chart

DIY Wall Seating Chart

I also pre-drilled holes for the eye-hooks, so attaching them to the back of the frame goes quickly.

My Fiskars Precision Screwdriver is now the only screwdriver I use. Do you ever dread having to use a manual screwdriver because it’s so much work that you end reaching for a power tool that’s way too much for a project?! This one isn’t like your old screwdriver. It  has a free-rotating handle that gives you more leverage to drive in screws. My favorite part is that it has a quick-flip mechanism to change heads, so you don’t need to stop what you’re doing if you need to switch a to a flat or a Phillips head screwdriver.

diy photo wall display

large wall photo display

diy wood frame for photos

diy kids art display frame

Seating Chart Frame Diy 014

watercolor place cards

Seating Chart Frame Diy 040a

Screw in the eye-hooks and add twine. I added a faux greenery garland around the frame with a flower arrangement on top, attaching them with twine.

Here we used the frame for a seating chart wall, but you can also use it to display photos + artwork — if you make it before your bridal shower, you can bring to display your engagement photos, too!

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This DIY wall seating chart + photo wall display was truly made easy with the help of this hand drill. Screwing in eye hooks onto wood that’s as thin as this one needs pre-drilling, and Fiskars Precision Hand Drill gives you the control you need when working on such tiny surfaces!

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