DIY Teacup Planter Favors

We can all unanimously agree that everything is cuter in miniature size. Case in point are these vintage teacups transformed into mini planters. They are the bee’s knees of eco-friendly, practical and personal wedding favors. Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt is back with us to share her latest tutorial:

teacup place card

From Jenny of Jenny Batt of Hank & Hunt : I’m sure you have seen all the succulent DIYs out there for weddings, but have you seen the other miniature plants in the terrarium section of the nursery? They are full of tiny flowering and hosta like lovelies. They have some with pink spotted leaves and small soft silvery white leaves. Miniature violets? Yes, please. I love all of them, their diminutive size makes them perfect to stick in a collection of teacups. Add a flag and use these as escort cards.

You will need:

potting soil
mini plant for terrariums

diy teacup plant escort card

Wash and dry your teacup. Using a spoon, fill the bottom 1/3 of the cup with soil. Remove your plant from its pot and gently squish the bottom of the roots. Place in the center of the teacup and add dirt around until planted. Dust off the sides and water lightly. Add a tag to the handle or a paper flag like we show here. These would be just as cute sprinkled around the reception, too.
diy teacup plant escort card

teacup place card

Can’t find a large enough collection of teacups that match? Try searching pattern names on ebay on the ones you have found. Another idea? Add a pop or color and spray paint the outside of them all, a great way to make frilly teacups a bit more modern. Are you having a hard time finding mini plants? Try boutique style nurseries, these aren’t at your local hardware store.

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  • Hi Kate,

    I printed the flags on white card stock and cut out the flag shape. I then took a bamboo skewer and wrapped the edge of the flag around with double stick tape to secure. It was really easy and fast!

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