This Bridesmaid Gift + Wedding Favor Idea is One To Bookmark RN

We’re in a season of proposals… and I’ve got one for you today! I propose Rescue Flats as the go-to wedding gift if A) you love a good dance party, B) you know that beauty isn’t pain and C) you’re ISO wedding gifts your bridal party + guests can (and will) use again.

You’ve heard us talk about all the incorporate them into fun lounges or reception backdrops too! But today we want to highlight these beauts in action. Because at the end of the day, goodbyes can make just as big of a statement as hellos – so why not send your guests off in a way that totally thrills them?

ballet flats wedding favor display
Photo by Our Story Creative

Exhibit A. We had an adorable Pick-a-Pair bar at our last Styled Social for our attendees to wear these cozy flats all day (and beyond). You can see the favor display, dancing shoes and Styled Social in full below!

Video by Splendor Films

Now here’s why Rescue Flats are life:

1. They glide.

You know that scene in Miss Congeniality where Victor Melling is gliding down the public sidewalk like he was on a conveyor belt to heavens? That’s how it feels to wear these shoes of the future.

2. They shine.
Of course, the RF designers thought ahead with styles that are glossy and styles that are more matte. When I say shine, I mean the premium quality of these beauts is undeniable.

ballet flats wedding favor display
Photo by Our Story Creative

3. They fold.
Ever traveled for a wedding weekend and battled your carry-on for space? Rescue Flats fold into small, neat bundles that would have Marie Kondo smiling her brightest.

4. They therapize your feet. Seriously, no one should have to dance barefoot and walk home with dirty toes and scraped heels. Nor should anyone dance for hours in painful heels (unless you are Beyonce + come out of the womb dancing in heels). Rescue Flats feel like the sweet embrace of a fluffy cloud – a welcome change after a whole day on arched feet!

ballet flats wedding favor display
Photo by Our Story Creative

5. They come with accessories.
For wedding guests, this means they’ll come wrapped in a beautiful satin bow which can double as a hairbow later on, as well as a high heel bag for them to store those stilettos while they’re on the dance floor! (I just had flashbacks to my 8th grade dance where hundreds of dirty shoes were strewn about in chaotic heaps… thank goodness someone at Rescue Flats had this vision too so it stays a distant 8th grade memory!)

Rescue Flats for bridesmaids, moms, mother-in-laws, etc. are even more special with a pretty gold clutch included on top of the heel bag I just mentioned.

ballet flats wedding favor display
Photo by Our Story Creative

You can check out all their boxed set options here, which are ideal for wedding guests. I spy some rose gold on the horizon! But be sure to look through their single pair options if you’re struggling to find the right gift for your bride tribe, mom or mother-in-law too. These are gifts that are made to last – we wouldn’t be surprised if you saw your gals donning these shoes all day ‘errday after the wedding! See why we love ’em?

This post was sponsored by Rescue Flats. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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