Camden Chitwood of Emerson Events is back with us for one more tutorial from her stunning Wedding Inspiration Shoot we shared this morning. Photographer Amanda Watson tagged along to capture the key behind making those gorgeous striped glasses seen in the shoot — this one couldn’t be easier!

DIY striped vases

For this tutorial, you will need:
– Rubber bands, all different widths
– Glass cups
– Spray Paint (special purpose works best)

1. Clean cups and put rubber bands around them, spaced out randomly.

2. Spray cups (upside down so not to get paint inside the cup), 2 coats is best.
3. Let dry 2-3 hours.
4. Remove rubber bands and enjoy!

Thank you Emerson Events and Amanda Watson! View the full shoot here.

  • I love this idea. Those vases are so fun and colorful. Thanks for the instructions!

  • Loving this cool idea and those vibrant colours!

  • OMG! these looks so good! thanks for share this :X need to try

  • ooooh! what a fantastic idea…my dear friend recently moved & can’t wait to make these for her!!

  • This is so great! I love this fun, colourful idea and can’t wait to try it out. Thanks heaps for sharing! L.

  • These looks awesome! these vases are nice color. i love this. thanks for sharing with us.

  • So easy, love it! It would be great to use this same technique to put the table number onto the vase.

  • Fabric Bouquets

    What a great and easy project !!!
    This cups look expensive and elegant. A wonderful way to personalize even the glass vases.

  • What a great idea, I didn’t think it was that simple!

  • Nathy

    Great idea! But is the paint safe if the glass is used to drink?

  • Nathy

    Hi, I posted a comment earlier with a question and for some reason it got removed. There was noting concidered inflammatory, offensive, and self-promoting in it.
    Again here is the original post:

    Great idea! But is it safe to use for drinking?

    Basic question is the paint safe?
    Awaiting an answer, thank you.

    • Amanda

      You left two comments in under an hour. It may take a few hours to a day for us to be able moderate comments – especially on the weekends.

  • OMG! I LOVE THIS! I placed an order for wedding flowers and already got vases for the DIY! I think I will try this with colors that match my theme. A little more toned down colors but def fun colors! I am getting my flowers with so this kind of project is perfect to do before hand! AHHHHH so excited/nervous! Such a great DIY thanks!

  • This is an amazing idea! I’m going to try it on some other glass items too! :)

  • wow i expected them to need some fancy special spray lol – they look great ! Does anyone know how they would hold up as candle holders?

  • Katrina

    I’ve tried this idea before but the paint always gets under the rubber bands so when I remove the bands all the design I get is a big mess. Any suggestions?

  • Jessica

    Love this! Are the vases washable?

  • amanda

    I’ve done this wine bottles and it turned out amazing!!! just another idea!

  • Katy B.

    I have some cobalt vases I would want to do this with. Do you think I could use spray glass frost stuff?

  • Iris

    Please respond because I do need help!

    I’ve done this for a while now and it makes glassware look great! But I always have this problem when I take off the rubber bands some times It leaves like these “paint tagges” ; paint from the bottom of the rubber band being pulled!

    How do u fix it?

  • Josephine Chavez

    Hello, I’m thinking about doing these as christmas gifts.. If I wanted to do the monogram and the message on one mug, what would you suggest? I would think first do the message and then bake it. Then do the monogram. Just wanted to make sure! thx


  • KRALON, SPECIAL PURPOSE, FLUORESCENT CAN NOT FIND IN ANY STORE. SO I TRIED ANOTHER KIND OF FLUORESCENT YUCK!? Please respond, love this day project! Got to get it right! Thanks