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DIY Spoon Guestbook

DIY Spoon Guestbook

Guestbooks are made for your guests’ to shine. To show their wit and share their wisdom. Today’s project that Anniemade created is a guestbook that you can display it in your house in two different ways. Invite your guests to share their recipe for a great marriage with fun striped wooden spoons!

Spoon Guestbook

From Anniemade: You may have heard that food is the way to someone’s heart, and indeed, this alternative guestbook is just the ticket if you and your husband-to-be are foodies. Invite your guests to skip the traditional book and instead sign a striped wooden spoon with their thoughts on the recipe for the perfect marriage or secret ingredients for long-lasting love. Perfect for intimate weddings and engagement parties, this simple and summery DIY could be further customized in a myriad of ways and go on to be enjoyed in your home, whether sitting in a pretty mason jar or framed on your kitchen wall. .

Spoon Guestbook

Here’s what you need to put it together:

– Assortment of Wooden Spoons, enough for your number of guests to sign (I used these, but you can also buy in bulk or at the dollar store for larger parties)
– Various Colors of Acrylic Paint (I used Martha Stewart Multi-Surface in Yellow Gold, Apple Barrel Gloss Fruit Punch, Americana Bright Orange, Americana Indian Turquoise)
– Foam Brush
– Painter’s Tape
– Gel Ink Pen

Spoon Guestbook

Step 1. Tape.

Begin by using the normal width of your painter’s tape to do the first ring at the top of the wooden spoon. Proceed by tearing a piece the tape to act as a guide to space out your stripes. Place the guide piece right up against the bottom of your first section, then add a ring of tape just below the guide piece.

Repeat this process down the length of the spoon and thanks to the guide piece, all your stripe areas should easily be even. Take care to ensure your tape wraps cleanly around the whole spoon and doesn’t overlap, creating uneven lines for your stripes.

Spoon Guestbook

Step 2. Paint.

Using a foam brush, proceed to paint each spoon in your choice of color, carefully painting over the tape as needed and being sure not to paint the top of the spoon. Allow your spoons to dry.

Step 3. Display on your wedding day.

At your wedding or party, set your spoons out in a jar (we customized ours by placing a label inside the jar and tracing it on the outside with a white oil-based sharpie) and place a sign beside it inviting your guests to leave their well wishes on the fronts of the spoons using a gel ink pen.

Be sure to test your pens beforehand. We found that the gel ink worked well and didn’t bleed, but oil-based paint pens did.

Spoon Guestbook

Step 4. Display in your home.

You can easily keep the spoons in a jar in your kitchen as a beautiful display. If you want to take it further and jazz up some wall art, you can simply take an existing frame, removing the glass, cover the backing in a neutral fabric or paper and attach your spoons. You could drill holes and use white twist-ties to make them removable or you could hot glue them for something a bit more permanent.

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Project exclusively made for Ruffled. Anniemade is based in Los Angeles and is currently accepting bookings for custom wedding paper goods and projects.

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