DIY Slate Tile Chalkboard

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember this home project Matt and I tackled a few months ago. We had quite a few tiles left, begging for a DIY. They turned into slate coasters and chalkboard menus, both easy as pie to make. Using just a drill, you can have a chalkboard menu for less than 4 dollars. You can use it as a bar menu for your wedding or hang it on a wall for a an easy to-do list board at home.

DIY Slate Tile Chalkboard

– gray slate tile (I found 12″ square tiles at Home Depot for $2.99 each, but local stores generally carry them)
– 1/4″ thick dowel or sisal rope for hanging (dowel purchased at Home Depot, rope from here)
– drill and stone drill bit that matches the width of the dowel
– chalk marker
– masking tape

DIY Slate Tile Chalkboard
The dowel prop was inspired by this BHLDN menu which has been discontinued.

DIY Slate Tile Chalkboard

I also made coasters from the same tiles to give as gifts using a tile cutter and felt pads. Each 12×12″ tile made 9 4″x4″ coasters.

DIY Slate Tile Chalkboard

To make your own slate tile chalkbord sign, apply masking tape on one side of the tile. This will protect the slate from chipping or cracking when you drill holes. Measure the distance for the holes. There’s no right or wrong distance. I measured mine 2 inches from each end, and 1/2″ from the top. Remember it is slate, so the edges of the holes may chip a bit, but the tape helps. Wet the tile every now and then while you’re drilling to keep it cool. Rinse off the tile, and that’s it! Your sign is ready to be propped up using dowels or rope.

Ask your calligrapher to write the menu for your wedding for you, or ask someone with a pretty handwriting! A chalk marker can removed with a damp cloth afterwards and be used at your home.


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