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DIY Silhouette Sign

DIY Silhouette Sign

We’re happy to have Camden Chitwood with Emerson Events and Amanda Watson back with us to share how to make the DIY Silhouette Signs from her shoot, and lucky for us, it couldn’t be much easier! Read on for a list of materials and some step-by-step images for how to craft your very own chair sign, complete with lace cap:

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For this project, you will need:

-Wood ovals
-Black felt
-Images for silhouettes
-Hot Glue gun and glue
-Hanging hardware
-Hammer (not pictured)

diy silhouette sign tutorials

1. Lay silhouette images on felt, trace and cut out.

diy silhouette sign tutorials

2. Hot glue felt cut outs to wood ovals.

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diy silhouette sign tutorials

3. Apply hanging hardware to back of oval and lace with ribbon to hang!

diy silhouette sign tutorials

So so simple and can also be themed for different holidays or there are so many uses for weddings as well!

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  • OMG! These are so adorable and so easy to do. I just came across your post and had to leave a positive comment.

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