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DIY Sequin Placemats

DIY Sequin Placemats

The projects that Alisa Lewis Event Design make are always easy as pie to make. This one can also be used at dinner parties, and if you like anything sparkly and festive, this DIY is calling your name from miles away. Stock up these sequin placemats for a fab New Year’s eve dinner party too!

DIY Sequin Placemats

What you’ll need:

Placemats (We found our basic white placemats at Bed Bath & Beyond.)
Sequin fabric
Hot glue gun + glue sticks

DIY Sequin Placemats
DIY Sequin Placemats

Step 1. Cut strips of the fabric to desired width, including extra to wrap around the sides.
Step 2. Using the hot glue gun, conceal the edges of the fabric in place.
Our fabric was thin, and didn’t need much glue. So we only used it on the edges and left the middle glue free.

Thank you Samantha Cabrera for the images!

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