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DIY Ruffled Wreath

DIY Ruffled Wreath

Next up on the roster of tutorials from our ombre inspiration shoot shot by Stephanie Yonce is this oh-so-sweet ruffled wreath. Honey of Honeydew Events LLC used an organza-like fabric, but any fabric and color would work wonderfully!

diy ruffled wreath tutorialdiy ruffled wreath tutorial

To make two ruffled wreaths inspired by this project, you will need:
-2 14″ floral Styrofoam forms
-strait pins with small or flat heads
-hot glue
-about 2 yards of fabric. We used an organza-like fabric, but it did ravel a lot!
-ribbon for hanging
-rotary cutter
-cutting mat
-glue gun and glue sticks
-(learned afterwards to use hairspray as well- as explained)

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

1. Fold your fabric in half, and place on a cutting mat. Using a rotary blade, cut the fabric into strips about 1.5-2 inches wide. Cut all of your fabric.

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

2. Take one form, and wrap the wreath evenly with the fabric strips. Secure the ends with hot glue. Repeat on the other form.

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

3. I used 60″ wide fabric. This was too long for the ruffles I needed. I cut each of the strips into 3 equal parts. Make a pile of pre-cut strips.

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

4. Take a strip, and accordion-fold the fabric on itself. Pinch the bottom of the folded piece, and insert a pin there. When you let go of the rest of the folded piece, it will fan out to make a ruffle! Pin this into the middle of the form. Work from this point. The next ruffle you make is going to lay on top of the first ruffle, not behind it.

5. Do this all the way around the form, using 1 pin per ruffle. Once you get to the last few ruffles, you will have to space them out so the spacing looks good.

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

6. I did glue the ends of each ruffles down, to make the ruffles more stable. This is optional.

7. I did learn after this project that this fabric ravels a LOT. To prevent this, give your wreath ruffles a few coats of non-sticky hairspray THEN trim the hanging pieces off!

diy ruffled wreath tutorial

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  • So pretty and chic! Plus the wreath could be used for so many different occasions. Thanks for the tutorial, xo

  • How fun would it be to do this instead of the circle, taking a heart shaped styrofoam form?! Or combine it with the Valentines DIY where they dyed the fabric strips!

  • Lovely and versatile idea…actually stumbled across this looking for a Christmas craft-but wow-thinking lots of possibilities! =) Thanks for sharing this fantastic idea.

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