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DIY Moss Letters

DIY Moss Letters

Jana, the gorgeous bride from yesterday’s feature, sent in this great DIY project! She worked with Shea McGee to help design her wedding and it turned out just beautiful!

Do-it-yourself moss letters


1 – 15 X 84″ piece of floral foam (bought at Micheal’s)
3 – packages of preserved moss (bought at Jo’Ann’s)
1 – serrated kitchen knife
hot glue gun
printed out letters

Do-it-yourself moss letters
Do-it-yourself moss letters

1. Print out your letters on large pieces of paper. You can really do any font that is pretty easy to trace. I liked verdana because it was basic enough but had nice curves. You can do just about any size and lower-case or upper-case. Whatever you want!

2. Pin the letters to your floral foam. Leave edges around your paper letters to trim later.
(picture of letters pinned to floral foam)

3. Using straight cuts up and down, cut the foam in the shape of the letters.
(picture of cutting)

4. Open the moss which comes in sheets. Start laying and gluing it around the flatter parts of the letters first (like the tail of the “B”) Save the curves for the end. You can trim the pieces smaller and glue them for the curved portions. If the seams are showing, you can clean them up with smaller loose pieces of the moss. Trim off the excess.
(picture of moss sheets in packaging)

5 Ta-da! You have your moss letters! Hang them with your favorite ribbon like I did.
(picture of me and Billy with “B”)

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  • This DIY project is so clever, and it will leave people thinking you spent a ton on a custom monogram! Swanky Chicks love it!

  • i really love this idea! any idea how long it can last? i want to know if i can make this a couple of days before the wedding day!

  • Sharon – because the moss comes preserved, it lasts awhile. I made ours about 3 days before our wedding, and it is still intact a month later! Happy Crafting!

  • So this is off topic but are there any pictures of her ring I think it looks a lot like mine which is awesome, I dont have the standard solitare, It’s vintage with victorian scrolling and diamonds all around it and then the center stone is raised up a bit. I’m just curious because I totally love when people don’t have the traditional bridal sets.

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