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DIY Mobile Backdrop Tutorial

DIY Mobile Backdrop Tutorial

We’ve got the phenomenal Michelle Edgemont with us once again to share with us how to make her hanging geometric mobile from The Cream Event. The possibilities are endless for this project — you could design so many different shapes and sizes and hang it as a photobooth backdrop, a display behind a cake table, an altar backdrop…

DIY geometric mobile
Above photo by Rebecca Hansen

diy geometric mobile
Above photo by Moss + Isaac

For this project, you will need:
-foam core
-wood veneer
-metallic paper
-a quilter’s ruler (like this one)
-double sided tape
-x-acto knife
-monofilament (like this one)

DIY wedding mobile

1. Using double stick tape, attach the wood veneer to one side of the foam core.
2. Cut two corners off of the foam core to create a triangle.

DIY wedding mobile

3. Using double sided tape, attach the metallic paper to the other side of the triangle. Trim to fit.
4. Line up the ruler 2″ in from one side. Starting 2″ in from the top, cut through the foam core. You’re cutting out a smaller triangle from the center of the larger one. Repeat on all three sides.

DIY wedding mobile

5. Cut 1″ off from each side of the smaller triangle.
6. Use the needle to make holes for the monofilament. The big triangle gets one hole on each top corner and another in the center. The little triangle gets one hole in each top corner.

DIY wedding mobile

7. Thread monofilament through the two hole at the top of the big triangle. Tie together. This is the strand you’ll hang from the ceiling.

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DIY wedding mobile

8. Connect the smaller triangle to the larger one by threading a piece of monofilament through the center hole on the big triangle and the two corner holes on the smaller triangle. Tie to secure.

Above photo by Rebecca Hansen

DIY Geometric mobile
Above photo by Moss + Isaac

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