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Gift Box Ideas: For Moms

Wedding Planning

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You can’t go wrong with a spa gift basket. We think it would make a great little gift to mom and mom-in-law, though I can’t think of any lady who wouldn’t want one! Michelle Edgemont created a sweet package that is easy enough to make for all of the ladies in your life who deserve a little pampering.

gift basket ideas

Clockwise: metal brocade basket from Container Store, lavender + vanilla candle from Yankee Candle, mercury glass votive from West Elm, hand cream from Burt’s Bees, bubble bath from Philosophy, madras satin ribbon from Midori

From Michelle Edgemont: this gift package was created for that hard working mom in your life. For either a small thank you to your mom on your wedding day or a special just because gift for your best new mom friend, any one in need of some relaxation will appreciate a spa themed gift. Treat her to a little bit of spa paradise with some luxurious bubble bath. A nice smelling candle in a pretty, metallic votive holder will give just a bit of sparkle to her bathroom. Finish the spa gift with a tub of thick, body or hand crème. To package her special treats I used a fabric basket and real aspen wood shred as filler.

gift basket ideas
gift basket ideas

Gift Box Ideas: For the Boys

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This one is for the boys! Drink kits would also make great hostess gifts, just mix and match your favorite cocktail ingredients. From Michelle Edgemont: This thoughtful and personalized gift package includes a rocks glass, initial drink stirrers, a miniature can of soda, and a miniature bottle of Maker’s Mark. Miniature versions of anything are my favorite. This is a gift box that will get any party started.

To build the package, first print out the labels on kraft sticker paper. It’s your lucky day because these labels are available to you for FREE for your personal use. To make the initial stirrers, cut out the rectangles from the kraft sticker paper and fold around a wooden stirrer. Use a black pen to hand draw your friend’s initial on one side of the flag. Hand drawn details really give this gift package a personalized touch.

Use a glossy, black box and natural crinkle paper filler as packaging. Try other soda and liquor combinations to create different varieties of this fun gift. Sprite & Vodka or Tonic & Gin would be cool alternatives.

Download Gift Box Labels: Drink Kits

Gift Box Ideas: For Your Girls

Free Downloads

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This week Michelle Edgemont will be sharing gift box ideas for everyone in your wedding. Just in time for the holidays, or plenty of time to prep a little something for everyone who is helping you plan leading up to your wedding day! Scroll down to download your very own Sparkle & Shine labels.

From Michelle: Yep, this was my favorite gift package to put together. It’s filled with glittery, glitzy, and bubbly items that I know I would love to receive. Gift your bridesmaids with a super fun package of shiny items that they can use to jazz up everyday outfits. Don’t forget the individual cans of pink champagne! Perfect for getting NYE party started or toasting you on your wedding day.

gift box ideas
Included in the bridesmaid’s gift package are shimmery eye shadow, glitter nail polish, a metallic pouf, can of champagne, and sparkly hair clips. I used a round, white tin that I first filled with white, crinkle paper and gold tinsel which can be found at craft stores.

gift box ideas
Those multi colored sparkle hairclips were purchased from a neighborhood pharmacy. An easy tip to make inexpensive, store bought accessories look more personalized is to re-package them onto your own homemade tags. So easy and so much better. With this sparkle and shine gift package, all of your best girlfriends will look extra glittery for the holiday season!
gift packaging ideas

Download Gift Box Labels: Sparkle and Shine

DIY Mobile Backdrop Tutorial

DIY Projects

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We’ve got the phenomenal Michelle Edgemont with us once again to share with us how to make her hanging geometric mobile from The Cream Event. The possibilities are endless for this project — you could design so many different shapes and sizes and hang it as a photobooth backdrop, a display behind a cake table, an altar backdrop…

DIY geometric mobile
Above photo by Rebecca Hansen

diy geometric mobile
Above photo by Moss + Isaac

For this project, you will need:
-foam core
-wood veneer
-metallic paper
-a quilter’s ruler (like this one)
-double sided tape
-x-acto knife
-monofilament (like this one)

DIY wedding mobile

1. Using double stick tape, attach the wood veneer to one side of the foam core.
2. Cut two corners off of the foam core to create a triangle.

DIY wedding mobile

3. Using double sided tape, attach the metallic paper to the other side of the triangle. Trim to fit.
4. Line up the ruler 2″ in from one side. Starting 2″ in from the top, cut through the foam core. You’re cutting out a smaller triangle from the center of the larger one. Repeat on all three sides.

DIY wedding mobile

5. Cut 1″ off from each side of the smaller triangle.
6. Use the needle to make holes for the monofilament. The big triangle gets one hole on each top corner and another in the center. The little triangle gets one hole in each top corner.

DIY wedding mobile

7. Thread monofilament through the two hole at the top of the big triangle. Tie together. This is the strand you’ll hang from the ceiling.

DIY wedding mobile

8. Connect the smaller triangle to the larger one by threading a piece of monofilament through the center hole on the big triangle and the two corner holes on the smaller triangle. Tie to secure.

Above photo by Rebecca Hansen

DIY Geometric mobile
Above photo by Moss + Isaac

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DIY Placecards by Michelle Edgemont

DIY Projects

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Michelle Edgemont is sharing her tips on how to create these 3-D geometric placecards. We love the idea of maybe even creating larger versions of these for little signs around your reception!

Hi Ruffled readers! I’m Michelle Edgemont and I have a wedding design and styling company based in Brooklyn, NY. I had the honor of showing at The Cream NYC last week. What fun! I’m still finding gold confetti in random places. I love making custom details for weddings and I’m here today to share with you one of the detail projects I showcased in my display – Geometric Place Cards.

For this tutorial, you will need:
-Black Foam Core
-Studio Tac
-Metallic Paper (I used silver origami paper)
-Clear ruler
-Cutting mat
-Exacto knife
-Colored cardstock
-Glue dots
-Silver wire

Before you start the project, you’ll want to print out your guests’ names in a relatively bold font on the colored cardstock. Make sure to leave about 1”-2” between names.

Step 1: Peel off one side of the Studio Tac to expose the adhesive. Place your metallic paper on the adhesive back side down. Rub over the metallic paper with the palm of your hand.

Step 2: Peel the metallic paper off of the Studio Tac. All of those little sticky bits should now be on the back of your metallic paper.

Step 3: Adhere the metallic paper to the foam core. Rub it all over so it’s nice and flat.

Step 4: Using the clear ruler, cutting mat, and exacto knife, cut off the extra foam core about the metallic paper.

Step 5: Rotate the ruler and cut off the corners of the metallic papered foam core. You are going to create many different shaped triangles. It’s OK if they are all different, it will make your tablescape look more interesting.

Step 6: Cut out each guest’s name in a triangle shape. Again, make them different! That’s what makes it fun.

Step 7: Use a glue dot to adhere the name triangle on top of the foam core triangle.

Step 8: Cut a piece of wire 7” long. Fold your napkin into thirds. Wrap the wire a few times around the center of the folded napkin, cinching the cloth in a little.

Step 9: Use something round, like your exacto knife or a pencil, and wrap the extra wire around it creating a coil. Leave 1” of uncoiled wire on the end.

Step 10: Stick the uncoiled wire into the bottom of the place card.

Step 11: Bend the place card into a place you love. That’s it!

The Cream Event NYC

photo above by Moss and Isaac

Thank you Michelle Edgemont for stopping by!