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DIY Placecards by Michelle Edgemont

DIY Placecards by Michelle Edgemont

Michelle Edgemont is sharing her tips on how to create these 3-D geometric placecards. We love the idea of maybe even creating larger versions of these for little signs around your reception!

Hi Ruffled readers! I’m Michelle Edgemont and I have a wedding design and styling company based in Brooklyn, NY. I had the honor of showing at The Cream NYC last week. What fun! I’m still finding gold confetti in random places. I love making custom details for weddings and I’m here today to share with you one of the detail projects I showcased in my display – Geometric Place Cards.

For this tutorial, you will need:
-Black Foam Core
-Studio Tac
-Metallic Paper (I used silver origami paper)
-Clear ruler
-Cutting mat
-Exacto knife
-Colored cardstock
-Glue dots
-Silver wire

Before you start the project, you’ll want to print out your guests’ names in a relatively bold font on the colored cardstock. Make sure to leave about 1”-2” between names.

Step 1: Peel off one side of the Studio Tac to expose the adhesive. Place your metallic paper on the adhesive back side down. Rub over the metallic paper with the palm of your hand.

Step 2: Peel the metallic paper off of the Studio Tac. All of those little sticky bits should now be on the back of your metallic paper.

Step 3: Adhere the metallic paper to the foam core. Rub it all over so it’s nice and flat.

Step 4: Using the clear ruler, cutting mat, and exacto knife, cut off the extra foam core about the metallic paper.

Step 5: Rotate the ruler and cut off the corners of the metallic papered foam core. You are going to create many different shaped triangles. It’s OK if they are all different, it will make your tablescape look more interesting.

Step 6: Cut out each guest’s name in a triangle shape. Again, make them different! That’s what makes it fun.

Step 7: Use a glue dot to adhere the name triangle on top of the foam core triangle.

Step 8: Cut a piece of wire 7” long. Fold your napkin into thirds. Wrap the wire a few times around the center of the folded napkin, cinching the cloth in a little.

Step 9: Use something round, like your exacto knife or a pencil, and wrap the extra wire around it creating a coil. Leave 1” of uncoiled wire on the end.

Step 10: Stick the uncoiled wire into the bottom of the place card.

Step 11: Bend the place card into a place you love. That’s it!

The Cream Event NYC

photo above by Moss and Isaac

Thank you Michelle Edgemont for stopping by!

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