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DIY Knot Pillow Tutorial

DIY Knot Pillow Tutorial

If you fancy making a statement pillow, then a knot pillow should be on your list. This cutie of a project is great for beginner sewers and it only needs half yard of fabric!

DIY Knot Pillow Tutorial

What you will need:

  • Fiskars RazorEdge Easy Action Fabric Shears
  • 1/2 yard of spandex or other stretchy fabric
  • sewing machine
  • stuffing
  • cardboard tube
  • Instructions:
    I made a few variations of this pillow and the type of fabric you use will makes ALL the difference when it’s time to stuff and tie the knot. I found that jersey knit, specially the organic kind or the ones with less stretch will fall apart at the seams once you start knotting. You want to look for spandex, like the ones used for dancing costumes and swimwear with that shiny and slippery feel to the touch.

    DIY Knot Pillow Tutorial

    The other thing to keep in mind – make sure you have your sewing machine set to zigzag stitch at all times. A straight stitch will not provide the give for the stretchy fabric to move and the seams will rip once you try to tie a knot.

    You need two long strips of fabric, each being 6″ or 7″ wide (I made both and I prefer the smaller dimension). For this, I folded the fabric in half lengthwise and cut both layers to the right width. Fiskars RazorEdge Shears are perfect for tabletop cutting since it allows you to lay the fabric flat, so the fabric won’t move while you cut. They feature an easy-open thumb lock that protects the blades during transport and storage and its spring-action design gently opens blades after each cut to reduce hand strain.

    You will sew both strips of fabric into a long one noodle, so pin both ends of each strip and run through your sewing machine.

    Fold the strip in half and pin 3/8″ or 1/4″. You will want to make sure you have a straight line when you start sewing your tube so the finished look is smooth.

      Sew or tie a knot on one end of the tube.

      To stuff your noodle/tube, you will need a stiff cardboard tube to feed the stuffing through and a rod/dowel (I used a broom handle). Not all cardboard tubes are made equal – I first tried using a gift roll tube to no avail (it fell apart shortly after). I had the best luck using a stiff tube that was holding a small bolt of fabric, but you can also use a piece of pvc pipe.

      For one knot pillow, I used about 16 ounces of fiberfill. You don’t need to stuff it too tightly – you want a little give when you start knotting.

      Leave the other end of your tube open once you reach the end.

      Tie a knot like the diagram below with just two loops instead of 3 for the length we made, or sew a longer length tube (you’ll need 1 yard for 3 loops on each side). If you have leftover tube, you can cut the extra, tie a knot and tuck it in. The ends won’t be visible, so they don’t need to be sewn in!

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