DIY iPhone Case Printables

I love favors that double as placecards, it’s such a win-win. These DIY iPhone Case liner placecards that we concocted with Anniemade is perfect for an engagement party, bridal shower or dinner parties. The real gem about this project is that after the party is over, your guests can remove the transparency sheet with their names, taking home a new phone case with a fun background.

A great blend of beautiful and freshly modern, these DIY iPhone Case Escort Cards will be a stand out at your wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower. Inexpensive, fun to create, and easy to customize (and interchange!), they can direct your guests at the party and can go on to be enjoyed long after.

Here’s what you need:

– clear iPhone cases ($1-$2 per case on Amazon, Etsy and eBay)

– printable liners (iPhone4, iPhone4 with switchback case, iPhone5, Galaxy)

– Transparency Paper (available for purchase by the sheet at FedEx Kinko’s)

– printable name templates (iPhone4, iPhone4 with switchback case, iPhone5, Galaxy)

– White Cardstock

– scissors or x-acto knife

– Download free font here

DIY iPhone Case Printables

Using the name template, print out using transparency sheets appropriate to your printer. Laserjet sheets will smudge if printed on inkjet, so we recommend going to Kinkos to have them printed if you’re not sure. Print your patterns on thick cardstock. These will sit behind your transparency layer and can be easily interchanged for a different look. If you’d like, you can also go with your favorite cardstock or scrapbooking pattern for the background and use the template as a guide to cut your own options.

With your x-acto, carefully cut both the transparency sheet and background pattern for your case according to the outlines. Slide the transparency onto the iPhone case with the text facing down. Follow with the background pattern, pattern facing down. When you turn your iPhone case over, you will see the pattern and your table assignment clearly displayed and ready for your guests to enjoy.

Make them for yourself! Type in your favorite quote, initials etc.

Have fun!

Free background liner download:

iPhone4 with switchback case

Free editable download:
iPhone4 with switchback case

Step-by-step images

Project exclusively made for Ruffled. Anniemade is based in Los Angeles and is currently accepting bookings for custom wedding paper goods and projects.

  1. Hi,

    doesn’t the background patter fall off the iPhone case?

    i mean how do you stick it on?

    Please explain.


  2. The 5C is different than the 5 the camera is a bit higher. Do you have any print outs for the 5C thanks!

  3. These templates are lovely! I go for anything with a poppy print. 🙂 Is there any chance you’ll update these templates for the iphone 6s? Thanks for all your creative inspiration!