This is a trend I am dying to see more of. Vintage birdcages are no longer used just as card holders and now are popping up as centerpieces, lighting accessories and an all around whimsical item must have. My personal favorite is the pagoda bird cages, often made out of wood. If you used vintage bird cages in your wedding and no longer need them, don’t forget to list them on our classifieds page. I’m sure many of you will be looking for them after seeing these awe-inspiring images…

Vintage Bird cage wedding decor
Vintage Bird cage wedding decor
Vintage Bird cage wedding decor
Vintage Bird cage wedding decor
Vintage Bird cage wedding decor
Vintage Bird cage wedding decor
Vintage Bird cage wedding decor

You can find vintage inspired bird cages like the bamboo bird cage (above left), here and here. Loving this iron bird cage card holder.

First row: left, hanging bird cages photo by Bonnie Tsang; right, bird cage wedding decor via Perfect Bound. Second row: centerpieces and hanging lights shot by Stephanie Williams. Third row: vintage wooden bird cages styled by Duet Weddings photo by Corbin Gurkin. Fourth row: left, Neiman Marcus via Heidi Ryder; right, Country Living. Fifth and sixth rows: photo by Stephanie Williams. Last row: left, West Elm; right, Newport Nautical Decor

  • ben

    Beautiful pictures and ideas! We just registered for a really neat bird cage at pottery barn!

  • Beautiful! Makes me miss my runaway canary…

  • Alejandra

    Love birdcages! I wasn’t planning on having one but my catering director pretty much said I needed one. She advised to keep one for cards from guests (which may contain money/gift cards) and it would be easier to keep an eye on that rather than a box which someone can walk away with.

    Good point! AND excuse to go find a birdcage :) If any of you have a Home Goods in your location, I found a beautiful TEAL birdcage for $30 there!

  • Wow. Gorgeous images. The table setting under the tree? I need a back yard!

    p.s. I just recently found your site and think it’s lovely!

  • Ulmer Studios

    Gorgeous and Bonnie Tsang does it again capturing the images with elegance!

  • Julia R

    I loooooove birdcage motifs. Sadly, my fiance hates the symbolism and doesn’t want them at the wedding. I couldn’t even convince him to use one for a card box! BUT it is his wedding too. =)

  • We’re having a rustic, vintage-inspired wedding with lots of aviary touches. We plan to utilize my mother’s collection of birdcages and birdhouses for our big day!

  • Hi Julia,

    I see his point, but remember certain birds can’t survive in the wild! So I guess the symbolism can have two different meanings depending on the way you see it…

  • aw.. this is awesome..

  • Vintage birdcages! Ahh- I love them…so pretty :)

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