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Bespoke Engagement Rings And A Sweet Proposal From Clean Origin

Bespoke Engagement Rings And A Sweet Proposal From Clean Origin

Bespoke Engagement Rings Clean Origin 07

We love a good proposal story as much as we love pajama day on the weekends. Which is A LOT. And the sweet story below is brought to us by Clean Origin. Creating bespoke engagement rings is their game, and we’d say they’re doing pretty well as far as dazzling lab-grown diamonds at an oh-my-gosh-can-you-believe-it price are concerned. We’ll get chatty about their ethical fine jewelry in a few, but first, warm fuzzies!
Florida proposal with lab-grown diamond ring
From a Clean Origin groom, Jonathan Dykert: “She thought we were heading to siesta key for a relaxing getaway. We arrived around 7 PM and went straight to get a nice dinner on the water. After dinner we went straight to our rental.
Little did she know, our very closest friends had already been there all day, decorating, and preparing the rooftop deck. We went upstairs, as I told her we wanted to do a sunset photo shoot from the deck. Once we got upstairs she saw the candles, rose petals, and champagne and knew what was going on.
We had an amazing moment up on the roof, I had engraved a note to her and wood with a photo of us, and she loved the ring! She said yes!
After a glass of champagne and some photos, we went down the spiral staircase to find a great surprise party for us with our very closest friends. We then celebrated for the rest of the weekend with everyone.
I found out about Clean Origin by searching on google. I was looking through 2-3 different websites, and I found the perfect ring (at the best price) with them.”
Florida proposal with lab-grown diamond ring
So. much. sweetness! Now, since we’re on the heels of engagement season, you mayyyyy want to bookmark this page or “accidentally” leave the tab open for your partner to see. Casually, of course 😉
classic engagement rings
1. Symphony Ring | 2. Contessa Ring | 3. Barcelona Ring | 4. Fantasy Ring | 5. Petite Floating Gem Ring | 6. Delicate Double Weave Diamond Ring
There are so many things to take stock of with these beauts from Clean Origin, but let’s start with the fact they’re lab-grown diamonds. Not only does this mean they are ethically and environmentally friendly, it means they cost 30-40% less than your average mined diamond. Not because of a difference in quality! Lab-grown diamonds are totally and completely real diamonds that are cut, polished and graded according to the same standards. However, eliminating miners in this process means they touch fewer hands. And if you’re following our train of thought, this could mean a less expensive engagement ring or a larger carat diamond for virtually the same price you’d be spending anywhere else!
solitaire engagement rings
1. Classica Ring | 2. Twisted Vine Ring | 3. Natura Ring | 4. Giselle Ring | 5. Classic Princess Solitaire | 6. Tapered Solitaire Ring
Florida proposal with a lab-grown diamond
Now this gal said yes to a brilliant round diamond, but there are loads more where that came from. Emerald, oval, pear, radiant, cushion, marquise, and princess to name a few. Clean Origin’s custom ring builder allows you to start with the setting or diamond of choice, the latter with which you can filter by shape, the 4 C’s and price.
halo engagement rings
1. Kensington Ring | 2. Petite Vintage Halo Ring | 3. Contessa Halo Ring | 4. Petite Delicate Halo Ring | 5. Classic Pear Shaped Halo Ring | 6. Ponte Vecchio Ring
The bands are divided into categories like Halo, Classic, Vintage and Solitaire (and trust us, this is an area we could peruse all day – hence, the roundups!), and you can simply match the diamond with the setting from there. Did we mention you can see these wedding sets in 3D? Gotta love technology! These rings from Clean Origin are the epitome of beauty, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love their earrings and bracelets too. When in doubt, frost yourself!
vintage inspired engagement rings
1. Allegra Ring | 2. Square Halo with Milgrain Ring | 3. Contessa Halo Ring | 4. Dolce Vita Ring | 5. Fifth Avenue Ring | 6. Aspen Ring
With 3 generations of artisan jewelry-making under their belt, we’d say they have some pretty solid know-how, and the result is over 100 ring styles that glisten and gleam like there’s no tomorrow. Head over to their site to start dreaming up the bespoke ring that matches your style + personality, and like we said, there’s no better time for a bookmark than this 😉
This post was sponsored by Clean Origin. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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