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A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring May Be Right For You If…

A Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring May Be Right For You If…

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Ring alingggg, are you listening! Lab grown diamonds… they are glistening! Okay I’ve been listening to wayyy too much holiday music lately. But that doesn’t make the extraordinary sparkle factor of a lab grown diamond engagement ring any less true. I’ll tell ya, engagement season has hit the world big time this year. And with it, we’re seeing parades of shiny objects with color, shape and infinite ooh + ahh power. But of all the ethically sourced engagement rings out there, one company stands out for its quality, glitz and transparent approach. Let me introduce you to With Clarity, friend. These are some values we bet you two have in common (and why lab grown diamonds will have you shook).

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Being ethically-sound is pretty baller

While earth mined diamond companies are getting better, there’s no denying that diamonds in a lab have significantly less environmental and social impact on communities all over the world. After all, the process is fully controlled, making it a lot easier to not only track where the diamond is coming from, but also to find solace in the fact it touches less hands throughout the process. You can rest assured that by purchasing an ethically sourced engagement ring, you’re making a positive difference in changes for mining communities where there’s often adverse impacts on families, workers, health, infrastructure and of course, land.

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Attention to detail makes all the difference

Did you know that only 2% of earth mined diamonds meet the quality level that lab grown diamonds possess? Or how bout that lab grown diamonds have the same look, sparkle, shine and durability (if not more)? A common misconception about the lab grown diamond engagement ring is that it isn’t real, but pal, these gems have got the same chemical properties without the negative effect on Mother Nature and her inhabitants. They’re keeping it 100 and are as real as it gets! Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 

Certification goes a long way

There’s no feeling more satisfying than when someone who isn’t staying in their lane comes at you, but you’ve got the receipts to back you up. And With Clarity knows the drill. They’ve got official diamond grades from IGI – a  leading lab that grades on the same quality characteristics as other labs like GIA. Translation? All their diamonds are vetted + verified, and you get to keep a copy of the original certificate with purchase. Oh snap. 

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You Know Exactly What You Want

Just knowing With Clarity has over 6000 unique diamonds at your disposal, filterable by collection, metal and shape, we knew they were supporters of options. But the real kicker is their Build Your Own Ring Tool which brings a new definition to the term match made in heaven. Now we tested this multiple times #fortheeam… Obviously not because we’re addicted to fine jewelry that’s made for us 😉 And in less time than you’d wait for a drink at Starbucks, you can craft an ethically sourced engagement ring that fits your personal style best. It’s just 3 simple steps!

There’s Power in Savings

Perhaps the dinner party fact we get most excited about is the fact that a lab grown diamond engagement ring costs 30-40% less than earth mined counterparts. Y’ALL. This means you can either save big time orrrr get yourself some bigger bling. Like Britney once said, it’s your prerogative. (I don’t know about you, but I’d take the additional carats!)

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Just brilliant, am I right? Lab grown diamonds are the cream of the crop, and With Clarity is making some major waves with their iconic ethically sourced engagement ring selections, crystal clear practices and consumer-first attitude which makes the buying experience that much more seamless. 

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I’m talking about their Free Engagement Ring Home Preview, which does exactly what it says. This especially comes in handy for those of us who aren’t exactly sure which style they like. Hey, there are plenty of fish in the sea! The Home Preview let’s you take a couple different rings on test drives – going out for drinks… doing the dishes… sitting in your luxurious bath overlooking the Eiffel Tower… That way you can see how different styles look and feel on your own hand over time. A flawless idea if I’m being honest. Except for the part about giving it back, which, might only be temporary!

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So if you’re feeling a love connection with lab grown diamonds RN, head over to With Clarity to put that ringgggg on your finger! And report back with ring selfies please. And speaking of frosting, check out these 20 gorgeous wedding cakes next 😉

This post was sponsored by With Clarity. All opinions are our own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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