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5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Scent on Your Wedding Day

5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Scent on Your Wedding Day

The first time you smell honeysuckle on the cusp of Summer or catch the scent of a fireplace as Fall transitions into Winter, it whisks you down memory lane, transporting you to another time and place. Similarly, when you reach into your vanity for that special, tucked away perfume, it takes you right back to the first day you wore it. Scent and memory are inextricably linked and perfumes have their own powerful way to remind you of a certain time in your life. After the sweet, fleeting moments of your wedding day have passed you by, the perfume you chose to wear on that day is one of the few keepsakes you can use to travel back in time. So when Donna Karan asked us to give a few tips on creative ways to incorporate scent on your wedding day, we were giddy to share some wedding perfume ideas we learned from our own I dos.

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1. Make your perfume last longer. Your wedding day will probably be one the longest yet one of the fastest days in your life. To make your perfume last longer, try using its coordinating lotion. It layers the scent by providing a foundation for your perfume. Start the day using your perfume’s moisturizer, then spray your perfume when you’re getting ready.

2. Spritz your underpinnings before you get dressed. It provides a long lasting effect throughout the day, and it’s a cute little surprise for your spouse at the end of the night!

3. Scent your handkerchief. Dab a little bit of your perfume on your hankie, and tuck it in your clutch. Your maid of honor will hand it to you when you will need it during your vow exchange. Using a scented hankie will bring back sweet memories of when you dried happy tears during your wedding ceremony.

4. Clue your husband-to-be. Before you write that letter to your soon-to-be hubby on the morning of, spritz a little of your perfume onto the paper. When he opens the letter the morning of your wedding, he will notice the scent. When you meet him at the altar, he will make the connection with the letter he got from you earlier in the day.

5. Milestone memories. If you’re like me and love perfumes as much as accessories, try this: pick a new perfume and start wearing it on your wedding day. Then wear it during your honeymoon, and throughout the first few months or so of marriage. Then save it as your wedding day scent. Start wearing it again on your first anniversary. Pull it out to wear on date nights and for all the special milestones you two will have.


Cashmere Mist by Donna Karan has an engaging warm scent that is soft and sensual, creating the sublime sensation of skin wrapped in cashmere. An intoxicating sheer floral, it combines the essences of Moroccan Jasmine, Lily of the Valley and the freshness of Bergamot, against a warm background of Sandalwood, Amber and Musk. Entering its 20th year as a top selling fragrance, Cashmere Mist is still loved by loyal fragrance users and appealing to new fragrance fans alike, is truly special. The fragrance you wear on your wedding day should be too. It’s something that you can keep for years to come, and every time you wear it you’ll be reminded of sweet memories of your nuptials. A special wedding scent is a cute and creative way to keep those memories alive and it will always have the capacity to transport you back to that amazing day each time you spray it.

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Top photo, from this wedding shot by Paper Antler; second photo from this wedding shot by Love Katie + Sarah

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  • Incorporating scent into your wedding day is a great idea. I might even suggest it is worth is to find a whole new perfume just for that day so it will remind you of your wedding and your wedding alone.

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