It’s happened. You’ve walked down the aisle, said your “I do’s” and trekked off to a beautiful corner of the world for a romantic honeymoon getaway. Or maybe you’re still in the planning stages of your Big Day, and already letting those dangerous “what will I do with myself once the wedding is done?” thoughts creep into your mind. No matter who you are, it’s important to preserve memories, and who says you can’t have a full library of your life as a couple?! MILK Books is one of those companies that provides a healthy outlet for you to relive all of it. And we’re sharing a few of our ideas just for that!

Use Your Photos After the Wedding with MILK Books

1. Engagement Book – Facebook is a great way to share these shots, but you’ll want to commemorate the proposal and your engagement session in a more tangible keepsake too. With MILK Books photo books, you can personalize text alongside your images or on the opposite page, and if it were us, we’d include the proposal story, thinking about every detail of that place and time, and every thought that was racing through our minds!

2. Wedding Album – Of course you can create a more traditional flatlay album with highlights from your getting ready shots, portraits, ceremony and reception. But you can also customize this by adding in special quotes from the day, like excerpts from your vows or parent/bridal party speeches. Pictures say a thousand words, but these meaningful quotes are the real tear-jerkers.

Use Your Photos After the Wedding with MILK Books

3. Honeymoon Book – The perfect kind of bedside book that let’s you relive all those moments in paradise. Hold onto your tickets for different excursions or gather unique artifacts from the region. We love the idea of scanning these into the computer and including them in various pages of the book.

4. One Year Anniversary: Paper – Now here’s where it gets fun. You’re sure to have a million photos together but nowhere to put them, and now you finally have an excuse to shake the dust off. With MILK Books you can go the photo book or album route, and if it were us, we’d mix silly with sweet and make sure to include all those special moments in between. Maybe you can include a “Things I Love About You” list or even another heartfelt love letter.Even a page full of inside jokes would be special. So get creative because this anniversary is a playful one!

5. Gifts for Loved Ones – We can’t think of a better way to say thanks to the most important people who stood by our sides through the dating process, wedding planning and day of celebration. They’ll probably cherish these memories as much as you + you’ll likely see this meaningful gift on their coffee table the next time you visit. Guys, these albums are the epitome of elegance!

Use Your Photos After the Wedding with MILK Books

We’re always looking for date night ideas, and the lightbulb just sparked as we read about all the different ways you can use these books. Our idea of the perfect newlywed date night is snuggling up by the fire with a steamy mug of hot cocoa and starting to build these albums together. The best thing about pictures is that each one tells a story, and there’s nothing like reminiscing on the best day(s) of your lives so far.

Use Your Photos After the Wedding with MILK Books

Use Your Photos After the Wedding with MILK Books

Now here’s what sets MILK Books apart: quality. They are truly experts in the craft with over half a century of bookmaking in their blood, and you can customize all of your layouts to the “t” leaving them to bind it up with the finest materials you can think of. They offer 3 different ranges with Premium being the most popular, though the leather option sounds pretty snazzy to us! These albums and photo books are truly multi-purpose, and if this doesn’t sound like prime time to start building a library of your lives together then we don’t know what will. MILK Books is currently offering 20% off first purchases using the code RUFFLED20, so start browsing here!

Use Your Photos After the Wedding with MILK Books

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