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9 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

9 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

We’re suckers for beautiful images – what better way to capture moments in their purest form? They have the power to transport you back to that very scene and draw emotion long after the day is gone. They’re captivating, nostalgic, and inspiring. But they do not come about on their own. Beautiful images are a result of beautiful relationships, between the couple themselves and the couple + their photographer. It’s about mutual understanding and trust, which is why it’s so important to do thorough research throughout your selection process. Jessica of Cheers Babe is joining us today to offer her best advice for choosing a photographer that will yield the best results!

Once you’ve determined how you want your images to make you feel, you’ll have a much easier time flipping through various portfolios and deciding which photographer’s style best aligns with your vision. Perhaps the biggest “DO” of the selection process is choosing someone you’ll have a good relationship with. Personal connection is key, and Jessica recommends having an in-person meeting with your potential photographer to make sure you gel well together. As Jessica notes, “You’ll be spending your entire wedding day with this person, so it’s important that it’s someone you’ll want to be around.”

Though talk doesn’t have to be ALL business, don’t forget to ask the important questions before signing that dotted line. In the slideshow below, Jessica is sharing 9 questions she suggests you ask a photographer when you meet them for coffee so you can get to know how they work.

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“In the end, you have to go with your gut. Choose the person that makes you feel excited about your wedding, that fits in your budget and someone you’re confident will deliver.” Big thanks again to Jessica of Cheers Babe!

Be sure to visit her online portfolio for more dreamy images. Sigh + swoon.

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  • These are great questions to start with your photographer! I definitely plan to share this with others looking for the right photographer for their wedding. Thanks Jessica Lynne Studios!

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