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2017 Engagement Ring Trends with Simon G Jewelry

2017 Engagement Ring Trends with Simon G Jewelry

It’s no surprise that we could look at wedding rings all day long if we could get away with it — and really, can you blame us? Veils, bridal gowns, and wedding shoes are all amazing, but your engagement ring and wedding band will be with you for a lifetime, so the right one should be worthy of tons of staring time. At the top of the list of quality wedding jewelry is , whose attention to detail is unbeatable and also their most important focus.

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With a nearly overwhelming availability of wedding jewelry out there today, you might find yourself wondering where to begin. First, we recommend taking the time to really hone and pinpoint your style — are you a more traditional type who would enjoy a solitaire, a vintage lover who appreciates filigree detailing, or a modern bride who never turns down a chance to think outside the box? No matter what, you’ll find something to love from . If you need a little more guidance, don’t worry! We’re covering some of the most popular trends for 2017 so you can see what makes your heart skip a beat.

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Platinum had its time in the sun, then yellow gold took the reigns, and now rose gold is in the saddle and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s VERY good news for us, because we’ve grown quite attached to its pink hue and unexpected nature, making it ideal for the modern bride who isn’t afraid of a bold look.

Another trend we’re loving is engagement and wedding rings with floral detailing, perfect for the bride who can’t get enough of timeless romance. Take a peek at the Simon G. engagement ring collection .

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