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DIY Paper Cone Art Installation

You will have to sit down for this one. Just when I think I’ve seen everything under the sun, this project lands in my inbox. Using only paper and chicken wire, Brenna and her friend made four massive art installations for her friend’s wedding reception. Yes, four of them. One for each corner of her friend’s reception venue.

This is my friend’s wedding, I was able to help her make these I thought I would enter this for her since it turned out so awesome!

 paper cone wedding backdrop

-Chicken wire
-Rope or twine for hanging

 paper cone wedding backdrop

 paper cone wedding art installation

 paper cone wedding backdrop

 paper cone wedding backdrop

Step 1. Cut chicken wire to desired length and width.
Step 2. Twist wire into the shape you want it to be. The more twists, the more interesting it will look.
Step 3. Tie one end of the rope to the chicken wire in a couple different spots. Throw the other end over whatever you will be hanging it from and pull the wire up until it is 4-5 feet above the ground. The the end you are pulling on to something heavy until you are ready to raise it to the finished height.
Step 4. Roll paper as shown in the pictures. Start at one of the short ends and roll towards the other. Try to roll it into a cone shape.
Step 5. Stick the smaller end of the cone into one of the chicken wire squares, and the cone should pop open to fit the whole and will stay in place.
Step 6. Continue adding paper cones until the chicken wire looks full (you do not have to fill each and every square, just eye it until it looks right)
Step 7. Raise the finished sculpture to whatever height you wish and then tie the end to the finished piece to keep it in place.

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