We’re approaching the end of the DIY Content showcase, and it’s been ridiculously fun. Tomorrow we will be back with our last installment, then it’s all in the judges’ hands to decide!

Jessica made bouts using rickrack trim, aren’t they cute?

ribbon rickrack boutonniere

ribbon rickrack boutonniere

List of Materials:
1.Rick Rack, medium size, assorted colors
2.Light-weight fabric
3.Artificial stamens
4.Needle & thread
5.Fabric glue
6.Floral tape & floral wire
7.Hot glue gun
9.1/4” decorative ribbon
10.Pin backing

ribbon rickrack boutonniere

ribbon rickrack boutonniere

Fabric Flower:
1. Cut a 1” x 8” piece of fabric.
2. Fold in half lengthwise and sew a running stitch through the open edge. Don’t forget to put a knot at the end of the thread.
3. Pull the thread through and scrunch back the fabric until it gathers into a circle. Sew the ends together to finish the flower.
4. Insert artificial stamens (as many as you like) through the center and secure them in by gluing from the back side.

 ribbon rickrack boutonniere

Rick Rack Flower:
1. Cut rick rack to a length with 10-15 curves on one side (between 4”-6”).
2. Sew a running stitch through the curves on one side. It is best to fold this curve in half and go in and out through it.
3. Scrunch back the rick rack until it forms an “ssss” shape.
4. Join the ends and form a flower. Use fabric glue to secure the stitch and prevent the ribbon ends from fraying.
5. Insert artificial stamens through the center and secure with fabric glue from the back.

 ribbon rickrack boutonniere

 ribbon rickrack boutonniere

Creating the boutonniere:
1. Gather and arrange 4-5 flowers in your hand.
2. Use a 6” piece of floral wire to give shape to the “stems” by wrapping the stamens. It is best to start at the base of the flowers and wrap down to the bottom of the stem.
3. Wrap with floral tape to even out the wire and secure the stem.
4. Use the glue gun to secure the decorative ribbon onto the stem. It is easiest to add a small strip at the bottom first and then wrap from the base of the flower to the bottom of the stem.
5. Add a small bow just below the flowers.
6. Fix on the pin backing with the hot glue gun to the back of the stem.

 ribbon rickrack boutonniere

ribbon rickrack boutonniere

– Consider varying the length of the rick rack and the size (medium or mini) to provide some dimension.
-You cannot fabric glue too much from the backside. Okay, you can, but so long as you cannot see if from the front, feel free to use it liberally to ensure a long lasting and sturdy piece.
– Use these flowers as your heart desires. You can make a head band, napkin ring, brooch or even a bouquet!
– Experiment with the width and length of the fabric to create more or less pleats or a bigger or smaller flower.ribbon rickrack boutonniere

  • Katie Schoepflin

    These are amazing! So unique & simple! Truly a work of some creative genius!

  • Michelle

    Love the contrast of colors and textures! A perfect addition to any wedding or special event to capture that unique touch! Very creative!

  • Oh I love these! So creative and yet so easy to make. Really inspiring! Thanks for sharing

  • Harlee

    How cute are these.. you just got my wheels turning! LOVE them :)

  • This is cute, but I absolutely LOVE her nail polish :)

  • Alexis Bennett

    Absolutely stunning! Something that I’ve never seen before and a fantastic accessory for all to love and admire!

  • what a spiffy idea! love DIY boutonieres!

  • Amy Chapman

    SO cute! And would make super cute matching hair pieces for the ladies!

  • Great DIY idea!! Means you can match to your colour schemes perfectly!!

  • I second Donna and think your nail polish takes the cake!

  • sarah.

    great tutorial
    i really want that nail polish!

  • love this! I’m going to link to it on my craft international linking party, even though you’re supposed to come and link yourself, because I just can’t resist! But do drop by just the same for some great inspiration, promise!

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