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Wedding Vendor Tipping 101: All Your Questions Answered Here

Wedding Vendor Tipping 101: All Your Questions Answered Here

Wedding Vendor Tipping 101

Tipping Your Wedding Vendors, Explained

Wedding Vendor Tipping 101

Mo money, mo problems…clearly whoever came up with this quote has NOT planned a wedding because a little extra paper would actually solve all our problems, am I right? There are so many items to include in your wedding budget and tipping is one of those. But who do you tip and how much? Well we’re here to give you the download on tipping your wedding vendors so you can add it to your budget it while simultaneously checking one more thing off your to-do list!

Listen up, folks! The deal is this: unless it’s explicitly stated in your contract, you’re not legally obliged to tip your wedding vendors. That said, it’s a lot like dining out: some vendors anticipate a tip, while others don’t expect it but would certainly appreciate it. At the end of the day, it’s a smart move to tip the vendors who went the extra mile to bring your wedding vision to life. Trust us, they deserve all the appreciation you can give!

Photo by Tanja Schalling from this elopement in the Florida Keys

Tip is Typically Expected

Hair and Makeup Artists: You will want to set aside 15-20% percent for your hair and makeup artists as they will most likely be expecting a tip after their services are complete.

Transportation Drivers: This is sometimes included in the contract so go take a peek, but if not you can budget 10% per driver.

Bartenders and Servers: Nine times out of ten a gratuity or service charge is included in the contract so often times you will not need to provide an additional tip to bartenders and servers. However, if you do not see this notated in your contract you will want to budget for 10-20% of the catering cost as a tip.

Wedding Planner: If you have hired a wedding planner, again a tip isn’t expected but always appreciated. In this case you don’t need to set aside a certain percentage, but can instead budget for a flat amount. A typical range is $100-$500.

Photo by Brianna Broyles from this Modern Desert Wedding in Palm Springs

Tipping Optional

Officiant: Some officiants won’t accept a tip if they are a friend or your pastor, but you can consider budgeting for a $100 tip to either them personally or to their place of worship.

Florist: Your florist is typically not tipped, but again, if you feel like they went above and beyond to make your wedding vision come to life, then you can tip them whatever amount works for you and your budget.

Photographer/Videographer: If the photographer and videographer are they owners, then a tip is not required, but would be a pleasant surprise! If the photographer does not own the business then you can consider tipping them a flat amount such as $100 per photographer/videographer.

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Wedding DJ/Band: While a tip is a optional, they are often the emcee of your wedding reception to make sure things transition smoothly. So if there is some wiggle room in the budget, a tip would be welcomed!

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An easy way to tip your wedding vendors is to put all the money in labeled envelopes to be distributed throughout the day. If you have a wedding planner, they can assist with this but make sure to tip your wedding planner too if you go this route.

Tipping Alternatives

Thoughtful Gift and Thank You Note: Who doesn’t love a personal handwritten note of thanks? Showing your vendors how much they meant to you on your special day will warm their hearts

Review Them Online: So many vendors depend on word of mouth so if you can take the time to go online and write them a review on places like WeddingWire or The Knot that would help not only them, but other couples looking for vendors they can depend on.

If you feel like your head is swirling with all the details, here are 6 tips to help keep you sane while planning your wedding.

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  • This is a great article on tipping. I’m a wedding photographer who is based in South Florida. I photograph about 50 wedding per year. Often I don’t receive a tip. However, when I do receive a tip it’s greatly appreciated. With that said I care more about receiving a nice 5 Star Review or a referral to another awesome client.


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