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6 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Wedding Planning Process

6 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Wedding Planning Process

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For most people, their wedding is the biggest party they’ll ever plan. Of course, it’s more than just a massive party. It’s also the day when you commit yourself to one person, ‘til death you do part, in front of your friends and family — the people who supported your relationship along the way. It’s obviously a very special and joyful day, but it’s easy to get caught up in the details and lose sight of that when you’re actually in the wedding planning process.

organic ceremony backdrop surprise proposal
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If you’re currently in the midst of planning craziness, or someone who supports brides and grooms through said craziness, here’s the good news: it’s possible to pull off a dream wedding without going insane. Before you fall down a Pinterest wormhole for a few hours, read these wedding-planning tips.

6 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Wedding Planning Process #weddingplanningtips #weddingtodolist #weddingresources #weddingadvice
Photo by Chelsea Dier Photography from this San Francisco elopement

Budget and Organize

First things first: the second you get engaged, figure out what needs doing immediately, and what can wait. Wedding websites like The Knot can help you stay on top of the big things with reminders when you should be doing something — like booking the DJ or figuring out the flowers. But before you do anything else, decide on a firm budget. No one wants to start a marriage weighed down by debt, so figure out what’s realistic to spend on your big day and commit to sticking to that figure. There are also plenty of ways to stay on trend while saving money for your special day!

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Keep It (as) Simple (as Possible)

Live swans welcoming guests and a harpist playing softly in the corner may sound like a good idea when you first start wedding planning, but the more moving pieces you have, the more difficult it becomes to coordinate everything. It’s also going to break the wedding budget pretty quickly. So try to operate using the mantra “less is more.” Decide on the areas where you want to splurge — and where you’re willing to do a little extra legwork — and drop any extra frills in the categories that you don’t really care about.

6 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Wedding Planning Process #weddingplanningtips #weddingtodolist #weddingresources #weddingadvice
Photo by J Wiley Photography from this modern minimalist wedding inspiration

Ask for a Second Opinion — But Only One

Whoever is the natural organizer in your relationship will probably be the one to automatically take the helm when you start planning the wedding. If that person is you, make sure that you routinely check in with your significant other, especially before you make any big decisions. They might not care much who does the flowers or what the centerpieces look like, but maybe there’s a traditional dance their family always enjoys at a wedding that should be on your to-play list. You won’t know unless you ask.

6 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Wedding Planning Process #weddingplanningtips #weddingtodolist #weddingresources #weddingadvice
Photo by Tiffany Amber Photography from this whimsical al fresco dinner party

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When you’re dealing with multiple vendors and potentially hundreds of wedding guests, something is going to go wrong. It’s inevitable. Maybe there will be a miscommunication with the photographer’s location at a certain time. Perhaps one of your bridesmaid’s zippers will break. Maybe your veil won’t lay just right. No matter what it is, try to keep things in perspective. Chances are you’ll barely remember one or two small snafus on your wedding day. This is about you and your significant other, not the details.

6 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Wedding Planning Process #weddingplanningtips #weddingtodolist #weddingresources #weddingadvice
Photo by Niki Rhodes from this coastal Oregon elopement inspiration

Call in Reinforcements

If you’re getting to the end of your wedding-planning journey, this means you’re at the point where you can’t put off the small details anymore. You have to make final decisions regarding the flowers, figure out the seating arrangements once and for all and make the grueling choice about your cake flavor. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask your bridesmaids to help where they can. They might not be able to perform every task on your to-do list, but chances are they can help out with some of the smaller stuff.

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Enlist a Professional

You might need to hire some professional help if you’re throwing a truly over-the-top soiree. Look into a wedding planner if navigating the ins and outs of your impending nuptials is simply impossible to do on your own or with some help from your friends and family. A wedding planner will likely know the venues and vendors in the area, as well as the questions to ask them in order to ensure you find the perfect fit. They’ll also take any and all problems off your plate on the actual wedding day, so you can just enjoy.

6 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Wedding Planning Process #weddingplanningtips #weddingtodolist #weddingresources #weddingadvice
Photo by Niki Rhodes from this coastal Oregon elopement inspiration

If you’re right in the thick of wedding planning, stop and take a breath. Before you know it, your big day will be here and the months leading up to it will seem like a blur. Try to keep that in mind as you move forward with your fittings, centerpiece Pinteresting and appointments with the florist. When you take the time to organize, delegate and keep your eye on the prize, the process becomes less scary. You might even find that you have time to enjoy your engagement — as you should!

6 Tips to Keep You Sane During the Wedding Planning Process #weddingplanningtips #weddingtodolist #weddingresources #weddingadvice
Photo by Sara Monika, Photographer from this fierce copper wedding

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