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Bridal Blooms: Dinner Plate Dahlias

Bridal Blooms: Dinner Plate Dahlias

We’re excited to bring the talented Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers on board as part of our new segment on wedding flowers. This week, it’s all about our beloved dahlias so I will let Sarah take the stage…The dinner plate dahlia deserves a round of applause for coming into season as soon as the beloved peony leaves us. These giants are a perfect large focal flower for summer weddings, coming into season in June and sticking around until October. They have blooms that are about 8” across on average. It is likely that if you have seen them, you have been tempted to hold them next to your head and compare the size. They are usually just as big or bigger. Thank you Kate Osborne Photography for the images!

dinnerplate dahlias wedding flower bouquets

Dinner plate dahlias come in various colors; the most readily available being white, a soft pink/peach, and a color ranging from sherbet-coppery orange. Dinner plate dahlias have a symmetrical radial design that looks striking with graphic or modern weddings, but the curvy movement of the petals also looks soft and natural with more rustic weddings. Their giant blooms are fantastic for use in centerpieces, because you don’t need too make of them to fill a container. Dinner plate dahlias are even more budget friendly because they look great when they stand alone. This would look gorgeous as a collection on a round table, or in a row down the center of a long table at your wedding. Single blooms could be great strung on the backs of chairs, on top of cakes. One large dahlia in a bouquet facing forward makes a big statement, and the incredible layering of their petals can be seen well from the side too.

dahlia wedding flowers

Here the dahlias are pictured in all white arrangements that would look great mixed in with just about any wedding’s décor. They can be sweet or stunning depending on which direction you want your wedding to go. Here they are in organic shaped glass bud vases, and a bouquet of all white. They look great mixed with other large blooms, or as shown here with smaller whispy, accents of scabiosa and mock orange for a lighter feeling arrangement.

dahlia wedding flowers

You can view examples of dinner plate dahlias from real weddings we featured in the past here and here.

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