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Vintage Toronto Wedding

Vintage Toronto Wedding

Claudia and David knew exactly where to DIY and where to leave it in the capable hands of professionals. Having just battled breast cancer, the bride knew she wanted to wear her mother’s vintage wedding gown and her aunt graciously volunteered to make that dream happen. When you have these sentimental touches, you can leave the other details to vendors whom you trust and whose work you admire. This wedding is a reminder to focus on what really matters on your wedding day: family, traditions you cherish, and the beautiful love you share as a couple. Learn more about Claudia’s brave battle here.

vintage toronto winter wedding

vintage toronto winter wedding

From the bride, Claudia. We originally wanted a wedding downtown Toronto but we’re Italian and had a lot of guests, so it was hard to accommodate everyone. We ended up going super traditional and chose The Terrace, which was all Italian food. Plus, it was close to most of our guests so that made it a lot easier for everyone.

vintage toronto winter wedding

vintage toronto winter wedding
My dress was my mother’s wedding gown, my aunt transformed it for me. It originally had long sleeves and a high collar so we took those off, and added lots of tulle to the skirt. We redesigned it and she made the belt for me by hand! We wanted a classic, vintage wedding that was clean and simple. We stuck to a color scheme of whites, greens and yellows.

vintage toronto winter wedding

vintage toronto winter wedding
While planning the wedding, I was just finishing up treatments for breast cancer so I was fatigued and my health was most important, so our florists, Covers Couture, were very accomodating and took care of both the flowers and the decor for me. They basically saved my life!

vintage toronto winter wedding

vintage toronto winter wedding

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From Vanessa, of Boyfriend/Girlfriend pictures. Claudia and I would occasionally chat about how she was doing during her chemotheraphy treatments and surgeries. I got a few different photographs of her adventurous hairstyles she tried before she lost her hair – from bleached blonde to mohawks. She always had her wits about her and a positive attitude that was beyond inspiring. When Jess and I got the news that they were going ahead with their day despite her health concerns, we could not have been happier. Claudia figured that her and Dave were in love and no matter what, they were in it together. It goes without saying that Jess and I are so honoured we could be part of their day and above all else are so grateful to have met such an amazing woman.

vintage toronto winter wedding

Huge thanks to Vanessa and Jess of Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pictures for sharing these images and to Claudia for sharing her amazing story with us!

Wedding Vendors (Toronto, Canada):

Reception location: The Terrace at Vaughn / Florist: Covers Couture / Photographer: Boyfriend/Girlfriend Pictures / Wedding Dress: Bride’s mother’s gown, reconstructed by Bride’s aunt / Makeup: Zoe Zaplatel / Hair: Stephen Cito / Bridesmaid Dresses: BCBG, Svetlana Arpas, and Domenic Serio / Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss / Band: The Blackboard Blues Band / Caterer: The Terrace / Wedding Cake: Adjoa Duncan of Pretty Sweet / Wedding invitations: Linda Commisso and Tania Meschino of Pulpcuts and printed by Pronto Reporductions / Transportation: Majestique Limo

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  • they’re a gorgeous couple…such a stunning wedding!and the story is unbelievable…Claudia is really one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever seen…she looks like a 50’s Italian movie star!

  • Beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations to the couple and to the bride for her strength.

  • This is beautiful, and the bride looks amazing! Definitely cannot tell at all that she had to endure chemotherapy just before her wedding. – truly amazing strength. I echo the comments above about her looking like a movie star. She looks absolutely stunning and the wedding and pictures are awesome as well! She is so brave, and I’m happy that she was able to enjoy such a wonderful day with her family and friends. Prayers for an even more amazing life together. 🙂

  • Beautiful wedding! I love every single detail. The feathers in the bouquet are lovely, and I like the idea of taking your mother’s dress and making it your own. Best wishes to the couple!

  • Great wedding for a wonderful woman.
    I battled a thyroid cancer when I was 21 and I know how terrible these moments could be.
    Now I am 32 and the last 30th july I finally got married with Andrea, my MR. RIGHT and dad of my first son, Edoardo (2 years).
    Let me wish all my best to Claudia and David.
    Che la vita vi riservi ogni felicità.
    kisses from an Italian (Roman) reader

  • She is a beauty, and her story is so inspiring! I love that her family & community came together to help her prepare for her wedding! Her dress is divine, how special that her aunt updated it for her! One thing that just stands out is how he looks at her! I wish this couple ALL the best, what a lovely lovely duo they make!

  • Thanks for all the sweet and kind comments!

    To Sara, I’m so happy for you! I wish you and your family all the best, I hope that I can remain in remission as long as you have (and for another few decades more, too!)

  • When I saw the first couple of pictures I thought “oh my goodness, what a beautiful Bride” and then when I read her story it made her and her wedding seem even more amazing.

  • Claudia,
    thank you so much for your message!
    I truly think that you WILL remain in remission as long as I have!
    It was wonderful “meeting” you.
    It will be great If you would like to stay in touch with me. If yes, please Email me to:
    or find me on FB searching Sara Acitelli.

    All my best,


  • What a stunning wedding! The bride is absolutely beautiful and her story is so inspiring. Best of wishes to them both.

  • Claudia your inner beauty remains equally as radiant as your exterior. You both possess an incredible sense of style but more importantly the pictures capture your genuine love for one another. Stay well Bella…

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