I’m smitten by the work of Christina Moreno. I’ve never seen vintage vessels, such as milk glass vases, look so modern. I’m particularly loving the milk glass and moss designs. They would make gorgeous wedding centerpieces, being a chic alternative to flowers. Decorative moss also lasts several years, which means you get to use them again to decorate your house. Check out her Etsy shop and her blog.

Vintage white milk glass centerpieces with moss DIY wedding decor ideas non-floral

  • Kiki H.

    Gorgeous! This would be beautiful for some of my smaller milk glass vessels! I have about 100 in my collection which will be used in our March 6th wedding! Thank you for posting this! *K

  • We’re using vintage milk glass for our centerpieces! We scored over 50 pieces for about $30!

  • My jaw just dropped. They are SO lovely. I love the stark contrast and simultaneous harmony. I am definitely going to buy some. I am in love. In love, I tell you!

  • I used milk glass for my wedding centerpieces, and they were beautiful. I still have about 30 or so that I don’t have room for, if anyone wants to make some of these themselves.

  • lindsey

    maren- would love to know more about the milk glass you have! please let me know.

  • Maren – Extremely interested in learning more about your milk glasses! We have a bride that would LOVE these who is on a shoestring budget…please let us know! info@amorologyweddings.com

  • Hi Maren! I am also interested. If Lindsey doesnt end up taking them let me know how much. Thanks, gianna@chic-celebrations.com

  • The green and the white is just beautiful! I just started collecting milk glass and this is the kind of modern update that I love to see!


  • Therese Dozier

    I would love to purchase your milk glass vases.. Please let me know what prices ! therese@mysortedaffair.com Thanks!!

  • These would be so perfect in my wedding display! You can’t find them very easily in Canada. *love*

  • Maren,
    I am also interested in the vases. Left you a message on Etsy too.


  • I have a total obsession with milk glass and have amassed quite a collection. Using the moss is such a great idea! I love the contrast in color and texture!

  • Maren please contact me. I already have a mini collection (only 5) and am looking to add more to it. Please help me do that =) alexandra@sterlingengagements.com

  • amy osaba


    Have all the milk glasses gone??? i am so sad i think i may be too late. i too have a bride that would love these. jsut let me know if you still have them available to buy. love the post just darling…

  • i love the milk glasses + books combo! it gave me inspiration for my own wedding :D

  • Wow! I had paperwhites in antique milk glass perched on a windowsill for the holidays – now that they are beginning to wilt, I’m so happy to have found your post. I’m off to make a all-season milk glass / moss arrangement this weekend! Just beautiful! Thanks!

  • just got back from the local antique store they have so many and they are still affordable
    Just wonderful

  • wow! Thank you so much for featuring me in this post! Im off to fill my shop with more moss designs ;)

  • Maryann

    These centerpieces are so beautiful and unique. Do you know if the moss will float?

  • Kerri

    I am very interested if anyone has some milk glass vases.


  • sandie

    I am looking for milk bowls for a wedding i am doing in August. Not collectors items.

  • cheryl

    Thanks for posting these beautiful photos with Milk Glass! I blogged about Milk Glass today and linked to your photos! Hugs and Blessings! ~Cheryl

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  • Bekka

    If anyone would like to sell their milk glass vases I would be willing to pay! I am also getting married in about 3 months and would love to do this for my center pieces. Hopefully you’ll be able to see this! This blog is way over a year old. I am willing to give it a shot because I really want to do this and can’t find good priced milk glass vases anywhere! Please let me know if you would like to sell :)

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