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I just wanted to introduce one of our newest sponsors, Traveler’s Joy. Whether you’re a couple who seemingly has everything or are just starting their lives together but would rather have a romantic trip of your dreams first (and heck, fine china can wait), a honeymoon registry combines fun with practical. Traveler’s Joy is also running a giveaway to win a 7 night all-inclusive honeymoon to Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica if you register before April 15 (the couple is automatically registered to win when you open your registry). Click here to enter!

Honeymoon Registry Traveler's Joy

From Brandon, President:
Traveler’s Joy is a robust and flexible registry technology that allows a member to ask for any portion of their honeymoon from flights and hotel stays to snorkeling trips and couples massage treatments. We’re not a travel agency so the couple can book the travel wherever and with whomever they like.

Click here to start yours with a chance to win a 7 night all-inclusive honeymoon to Jungle Bay Resort in Dominica!

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  • Aislinn

    My husband and I used Traveler’s Joy for our honeymoon registry for our wedding in September 2009. After being together for 6 years, we didn’t need any traditional registry items, but we were unsure of how to convey this message to our guests. Traveler’s Joy made it so we didn’t have to broach the uncomfortable subject of requesting cash gifts. It also made our guests and family feel very invested in our honeymoon we are taking this summer in Europe. Highly recommended!!

  • Melissa

    We, like Aislinn & her husband, have been together for quite some time (8 years) and living together now for 5 years so we had more than enough items in our house. We do, however, love traveling and could think of nothing better to register for than a honeymoon!

    We are getting married in September 2010 and are taking our honeymoon in December to South Africa, Zambia, and Botswana. We are so delighted with the site and they have been nothing but helpful to us! We love Traveler’s Joy!