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10 Things To Consider If You’re Using Silk Flowers For Your Wedding

10 Things To Consider If You’re Using Silk Flowers For Your Wedding

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Are you hammering out the details of your upcoming wedding? Then you’ve probably already realized that there are many of them — an overwhelming amount, even. From the centerpieces to the wedding cake, lots of choices must be made before you can get down that aisle. One of the most important, perhaps, is what type of flowers you’ll forever associate with your wedding day. And if you’re interested in an eco-friendly alternative to freshly cut flowers, consider silk flowers.
Faux blooms have recently increased in popularity not just because they’re a more sustainable choice, but also because they offer more flexibility and consistent quality. Before you put in an order for artificial flowers, check out these 10 tips for some insight on how to use them.
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1. Don’t Procrastinate
Just because you’re using faux flowers doesn’t mean you can put off picking them out until the last minute. Just like when you’re choosing fresh floral arrangements, you should check out the internet for bouquet ideas and enlist the help of a professional, if necessary, months before the wedding.
2. Trust High-Quality Brands
Flowers are a big part of your wedding’s aesthetic, so don’t skimp. Ask friends for recommendations about brands they’ve used or look for online reviews of some of the top contenders.
3. Touch and See Your Options
If possible, order a few stray flowers or head into a shop that stocks the flowers you like and touch and feel them first. Artificial flowers continue to get more and more life-like with each passing year, but still, some are better than others. You’ll only know how your brand measures up by seeing them firsthand.
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4. Keep It Simple
Another common misstep among couples who use artificial flowers? They overthink the arrangements to compensate for the lack of fresh blooms. Don’t feel like you have to do this. The beauty of the flowers will be enough to carry even the simplest of arrangements, so go for chic and elegant.
5. Know Your Options
Silk flowers are some of the most popular artificial flowers, and there are a few different types you can choose. Single stems are standalone flowers that you can arrange as you please, whereas bunches are essentially bouquets. You can also incorporate elements like branches and garlands into your arrangement.
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6. Know Your Red Flags
When you start to survey your options, keep an eye out for some potential red flags. Low-quality silk flowers will clearly show seams and short plastic stems — steer clear of these. Opt for silk flowers shaded with multi-dimensional hues and featuring fine wire woven throughout the stems and leaves to provide the illusion of life.
7. Pick a Budget
You might think that choosing artificial flowers will save you money, but in most cases, it will actually cost a bit more. After all, silk flowers and other faux blooms are made to last far beyond a single day. So, it’s important to set a budget before you start to look for options. Make sure it’s realistic and agreed upon by both you and your fiancé, and don’t stray from the budget.
8. Decide to DIY (Or Not)
If you do want to use artificial flowers and save some cash at the same time, you can opt to DIY your bouquets instead of paying a professional. This is a great option for anyone with an artistic eye and lots of craft friends. Turn to Pinterest and other crafting sights for some bouquet inspo and give yourself plenty of time to get the bouquets or centerpieces completed.
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Photo by I Dream of Homemaking
9. Pick Up the Right Arrangement Extras
Before you can begin to DIY, you’ll need to have all your supplies together. It’s not just flowers and some ribbon that make pretty centerpieces and posies. You’ll also need a vase or bowl, if you’re building centerpieces, double-sided foam tape and floral tape, moss, cutting pliers, and a specialized variety of floral foam. Refer to avid online crafters for any other potential necessities.
10. Gift Them to Guests
At the end of your wedding day, you’ll be left with lots of bouquets and centerpieces that are going to last for a long time. Instead of filling your spare bedroom with them, offer them up to your guests. Snag the flowers you’d like to keep — including your bouquet, of course — and then have the DJ announce to your friends and family that they’re free to take the others as a memento of the occasion.
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Photo by Emily Rose Flower Crowns
With so many options out there for floral arrangements, you certainly have an endless array of choices for your big day. But when you choose silk flowers, you cut down on the waste of freshly cut blooms and can create something that looks exactly how you envisioned it — regardless of which flowers are in season that time of year. So it’s worth weighing your options!
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