We have oodles of amazing weddings lined up to share, but this proposal sent by Troy Grover is the perfect warm up for the series of real weddings that we have prepared for you. From Troy: “Got this great proposal caught on camera. Aimee and I were hiding in the bushes snapping away as the proposal went down. The soon to be groom had his dad layout the table/ lamp/ and books. Each book had a picture inside of it, leading to the final book where she opened it up to a paper ring with a ? mark on it and as soon as she turned around her boyfriend was down on one knee :)”

Can we get a collective awwww?

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Troy and Aimee of Troy Grover Photographers are located in the Orange County, California but will travel.

  • Awwww! Her face says it all…

  • I second the “aww” and I love her face in that way excited shot!

  • sarah-e

    How romantic! I love that pic of him with his arms in the air. Very cool proposal.

  • Aww! So sweet! I love proposals captured on camera!!!

  • That is adorable. That would definitely throw me for a loop. Love when they hire photographers to capture the moment.

  • Beautiful & sweet! Also, nice job photogs! I love proposal shoots!!

  • em

    i love these shots! awesome work troy and aimee!

  • Awwww!! Sounds like a proposal you only hear about it romance novels! I think every girl would love to have a story like this to tell to everyone!

  • Love this! there aren’t too many guys out there with the smarts to think to hire photographers to capture this moment.


  • So I go onto Ruffled this morning (as I do most mornings at work!) to get some inspiration for my upcoming wedding… and what do I see: my engagement photos on the front page!! What in the world?!

    Troy and Aimee did the most AMAZING job and capturing our special moment!! … and it did feel like it was out of a novel =)

  • absofreakinglutely adorable! congrats to the couple!

  • This is just perfect! What a thoughtful groom-to-be and amazing photos!

  • Oh, that is just beautiful! Congratulations :)

  • perfect bound

    So super sweet. And I love her gorgeous ring.

  • Parthenia Fayne

    Super, super cute!! Kudos to the groom!!

  • tatiana

    This is sooo adorable! And I loooove her shoes…any idea where they are from???

  • This is the cutest thing ever! I love that they caught it on camera.

  • Does every bride have to immediately call someone to tell them that they are engaged? My wife did the same thing. Too funny.

  • This just about killed me! Way too presh! Love it

  • This is the best! The little ? mark on the diamond…priceless!

  • LOVE this proposal. What a great idea, and somebody said 80% of brides were disappointed in how they were proposed to. She CLEARLY wasn’t. Thank you for sharing!

  • Celia

    boy oh boy…romance overload!!! my heart is going ka-boom-ka-boom-ka-boom as i scrolled down the pictures…

    aaawwww!!!! sniff sniff, sooooo sweet! SWEET SWEET SWEET

  • SO SWEET! I love this and her expression is just priceless. Very smart to have someone there to capture this moment!

  • How sweet! I love the last two pics the best and the one of her freaking out. Cute.

  • This was wonderful! I love her excitement and surprise. What a clever guy she has!! LOVE your site. I hope my work makes it here some day.

  • This is so cute and inventive it makes my heart swell in my chest and my eyes begin to water. I don’t stand a chance against its charms.

  • Wow that’s awesome… the look on her face is priceless!! And the one with him throwing his arms in the air makes me well up!

  • This is so beautifully captured and loved the idea behind it all as well – AMAZING work! Congrats to the couple!!!

  • AMAZING!! This is a stunningly creative idea… :)

  • I love love love the one w/ his hands in the air as if to say
    “I WIN!!!” God is Good..

  • Omg, sweetest proposal EVER!!! Props to the guy for being so creative, and hiring a spectacular photographer to capture it all. Brilliant!

  • Layla

    Awww make my heart melt! This is so much better than a video!