Sixties Modern Wedding Flowers

Continuing with our sixties, bohemiam flower child inspiration, Sarah Winward of Honey of a Thousand Flowers is back this week with yet another utterly gorgeous flower arrangement. She blended a sixties bohemian feel with a modern and fresh aesthetic combining Coneflower, garden roses, sweet potato vine, zinnia, petunia, geranium, and phlox. Thank you Yan Photography for the amazing bouquet photos!

1960s retro chic wedding ideas

Sixties hippie chic wedding flowers

From Sarah: One of my favorite late summer flowers is coneflower, you might know it as Echinacea. It comes in a few different varieties. In this particular shape we get a cream, orange, and a really pretty nutty pink; the pink is my favorite. The center of the flowers stick above the petals making it a bit more interesting than a regular daisy shape, and the natural color combinations are gorgeous. The rust colored centers in the pink variety are sometimes used on their own too, after the petals have fallen.

Sixties hippie chic wedding flowers

Coneflower look great in garden type arrangements, they have a nice shape to contrast with other softer looking flowers. I think they have sort of a 60’s flower power vibe to them, and that is where my inspiration for these arrangements came from. I tried to keep the 60’s inspiration subtle so that this design and color palette can be used in a lot of different settings. The hot pink and lime green with hints of orange and purple speaks loudly enough for itself, but I think pairing it with bits of floral patterns would be fun. I see bouquets like this paired with some solid color long maxi skirts or pretty party dress silhouettes for the bridesmaids, and some floral bow ties for the men.

Sixties hippie chic wedding flowers

Neutral containers and for the dinner table with these bright colors would give you some room for fun with your napkins, I see a vintage ditsy floral print napkin being pretty with these.

Sixties hippie chic wedding flowers

The flowers used in these arrangements are: Coneflower, garden roses, sweet potato vine, zinnia, petunia, geranium, and phlox.

Credits: Forage Bow Ties; Yan Photography; Amy Butler; Elizabeth Messina

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  1. I love echinacea, so I love these ideas! I love the herbal properties it has as well- good for warding off colds!

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